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L'occhio selvaggio (1967) HD online

L'occhio selvaggio (1967) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Drama
Original Title: Lu0027occhio selvaggio
Director: Paolo Cavara
Writers: Paolo Cavara,Fabio Carpi
Released: 1967
Duration: 1h 38min
Video type: Movie
Paolo is a documentary filmmaker on a mission to see the world and present human nature in its true and raw form, even pushing his crew to the limit to capture the brutality of a world gone mad even at the expense of safety and a moral price.
Credited cast:
Philippe Leroy Philippe Leroy - Paolo
Delia Boccardo Delia Boccardo - Barbara Bates
Gabriele Tinti Gabriele Tinti - Valentino
Giorgio Gargiullo Giorgio Gargiullo - Rossi
Luciana Angiolillo Luciana Angiolillo - Mrs. Davis
Lars Bloch Lars Bloch - John Bates
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Gianni Bongioanni Gianni Bongioanni - The Hunter
Tullio Marini Tullio Marini - Ruggero

The main character is intended to be a critical portrait of the infamous Italian director Gualtiero Jacopetti. Cavara and Jacopetti had previously worked together on two controversial mondo movies, Mondo cane (1962) and La donna nel mondo (1963).

In 1969, American International Pictures distributed this film in the USA dubbed in English (retitled "The Wild Eye") on a double bill with Hell's Belles (1969).

Won some awards including the Moscow Film Festival and allegedly received a 35 minute ovation.

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    Made by one of the makers of Mondo Cane this is a biting attack of not only his partners, but also on the genre itself.

    The film begins as a film maker and his party end up stranded in the desert. All seems lost and everyone begins to show sign of dehydration. Ghoulishly the film maker begins to film everyone's last moments, or not because its discovered that the stranding was staged to get footage for the next mondo film. From that point on the film becomes a world trek as the film maker pursues a girl and attempts to get the next great sequence. It all ends in Viet Nam during the height of the war.

    Its not hard to guess that the film is a nasty jab by director Paolo Cavara at his Mondo Cane co-directors, who had just run into trouble about a killing that appears in their Africa Addio, since much of the film is a quest to film some one die on camera.

    Ultimately this film is a mixed bag. While I have no doubt that much of what is shown is the way things were done, it often comes across as the pot calling the kettle black with mondo-esque sequences appearing within the fictional frame work. While I honest believe that Cavara disavows his Mondo days, I think he would also love the success that his former friends briefly met as kings of the Mondo world.

    Reservations aside this is a very good movie in its own right and should you come across it you should see it, especially if you've ever watched a Mondo movie and wondered how it was done.
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    I was 15 when I saw this film in July 1967 in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses during the 5th Moscow Film Festival. People there were absolutely shocked with fantastic skill of Paolo Cavara. All the people in the Palace stood up and applauded to the Director who was present together with some other people who participated in the film. Applause was endless but at least more than half an hour. It was evident for everybody who saw the film competition program that this film was #1. I was extremely surprised several days later when I knew that this film got NOTHING. Six months later I was present at a lecture in a small town 150 km from Moscow at a lecture of a film critic about this film festival. He told a fantastic story. When the film selection commission received this film for the competition program at a very last minute they unanimously decided that this film will win and the jury later also considered this film #1. But the Cuban delegation (USSR and Cuba had very complicated relations at that time with Cubans because of their friendship then with Mao in China) protested. They said that the events in Vietnam had been shown in a wrong way. And their protest was satisfied. Thus we lost a fantastic director because in case of his victory his destiny might be glorious. Now I cannot find this film anywhere. Your site is fantastic because you HAVE information on this rare almost forgotten film.
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    from earth

    I was a little in love as a teenager with Delia Boccardo, I saw her in "Strogoff", "The Adventurers," "Martin Eden" (TV Mini-Series), "La piovra 5 - Il cuore del problem" (TV Series), she was beautiful, I liked her in those and I liked the movies too. Philippe Leroy I know him from many movies that I also really liked, starting with "Le Trou" and continuing with "7 uomini d'oro", "Il grande colpo dei 7 uomini d'oro", "The Night Porter" , "La Femme Nikita", etc., today, at 88, still active, still filming, decent actor. Gabriele Tinti was also very prolific, but he died young, just 59 years old. I've seen him in many films, the most famous being "The Flight of the Phoenix," "Rider on the Rain", "The Mysterious Island". Paolo Cavara I know him because of his huge success, the most famous documentary of all time, "Mondo Cane". This movie has something too from "Mondo Cane" but it's different.