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Anno 1602 (1998) HD online

Anno 1602 (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game
Original Title: Anno 1602
Released: 1998
Video type: Video Game

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    Sure 1602 doesn't have the best graphics... the best sound effects... and it's not packed with explosions and gunfire every five minutes... but, 1602 A.D. (English title) is probably one of the the best strategic games that makes it easy for you to get into... I instantly became addicted to it after I had purchase it for $10 at a local Wal*Mart... I didn't buy it because of it's packaging or its price... I don't quite no why I bought it... it just seemed like it'd be a good game to play... and I haven't stopped playing on/off since.... I've had the game for over 2 years now... and the phrase from the game, "Your people need alcohol." has become a little funny blurb we quote every once in a while... if you have this game good on you and continue playing... If you've never heard of it.... look it up and buy it.... if your a strategic buff looking for a challenge 1602 is your game!