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Kule (2017) HD online

Kule (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary / Short
Original Title: Kule
Director: Ali Araz
Released: 2017
Budget: TRL 1,500
Video type: Movie
Since Sukkran and Halil Yuksel couple occupied as fire tower guards, they have reported many fires for 31 years. Maybe they changed the fate of many disasters. They have got the right to decide for the nature that will effect people's main life, for the isolated life caused them to get isolated and keep their life in the tower for a long time. The decisions they made were sacrificed every single time and each of them was a gift to their friends who were positive and longing for them, to strangers who longed to be friends. In the power period that they had sleepless and nonstop, they spent exactly 31 years together behind shoulder to shoulder.
Credited cast:
Halil Yüksel Halil Yüksel - Tower guards
Sükran Yüksel Sükran Yüksel - Tower guards