» » Zulu kvægræs Episode #3.2 (2010)

Zulu kvægræs Episode #3.2 (2010) HD online

Zulu kvægræs Episode #3.2 (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Reality TV
Original Title: Episode #3.2
Writers: Mette Andkjær,Tea Ehrbahn Tanghøj
Released: 2010
Duration: 45min
Video type: TV Episode
If you thought Arizona was tough in the previous seasons, think again! This time around, in the third season, 10 pampered celebrities, used to the urban café latte lifestyle, travel to the hostile Australian outback, in an attempt to learn the skills needed to complete a cattle drive, Aussie style. In scorching heat, up to 50 degrees Celsius, they must learn how to survive, while handling horses, cracking bull-whips and throwing knives in some of the most inhospitable nature on the planet. Having to deal with snakes, crocodiles, spiders and poisonous plants lurking around every corner, the teams set out on an amazing journey across the last of the untamed frontiers, The Kimberleys, with a herd of cattle, that has a mind of it's own.
Episode credited cast:
Asmus Brandt Asmus Brandt - Himself - Contestant
Peter Falktoft Peter Falktoft - Himself - Contestant
Sarah Grünewald Sarah Grünewald - Herself - Contestant
Jeppe Kaas Jeppe Kaas - Himself - Contestant
Mads Larsen Mads Larsen - Himself - Contestant
Jim Lyngvild Jim Lyngvild - Himself - Contestant
Morden May Morden May - Himself - Contestant
Nikolaj Stokholm Nikolaj Stokholm - Himself - Contestant
Nicoline Toft Nicoline Toft - Herself - Contestant
Alexandre Willaume Alexandre Willaume - Himself - Contestant
Lisbeth Østergaard Lisbeth Østergaard - Herself - Host