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Vanishing Point (2012) HD online

Vanishing Point (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Mystery
Original Title: Vanishing Point
Director: Abhijit Mazumdar
Writers: Abhijit Mazumdar
Released: 2012
Duration: 40min
Video type: Movie
Two friends Sachin and Aurko are traveling into rural India, searching for locations for a small film they want to make. Sachin is a cinematographer and Aurko is a director. A bus stop with a special look is what they are mainly looking for. Difference in approach towards work starts stressing out their personal equation. Meanwhile Aurko claims to see an old villager, at several points in their journey. When Aurko tries to convince Sachin that the old man is a ghost, Sachin loses patience, leading to a fallout. The journey derails into the realm of unknown...
Credited cast:
Aseem Hattangadi Aseem Hattangadi - Sachin
Anand Tiwari Anand Tiwari - Aurko
Vijay Waghule Vijay Waghule - Sachin