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An Accident Policy (1915) HD online

An Accident Policy (1915) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: An Accident Policy
Director: Edwin McKim
Writers: Edwin McKim
Released: 1915
Video type: Movie
John Barrow has a demanding wife. He becomes tired of being henpecked, so he takes the family savings and leaves. At the corner bar, he meets an accident insurance salesman who persuades him to spend most of his money on an accident policy. The sweetheart of Barrow's daughter finds him, and escorts him home. There, Barrow's wife reads the policy, and decides that Barrow must meet with an accident so the money can be returned. Barrow tries various methods of causing an accident, and finally succeeds by sitting on a large rock which is blown into the air by dynamite. His family collects the insurance, and then tries to live the good life. However, a phony Count, whom Mrs. Barrow had wanted to marry her daughter, bilks her husband out of $30,000. The family returns to their former way of life.
Cast overview:
Davy Don Davy Don - John Barrow (as D.L. Don)
Eleanor Blanchard Eleanor Blanchard - Mrs. John Barrow
Carrie Reynolds Carrie Reynolds - Miss Barrow - the Daughter
Jack Delson Jack Delson - The Daughter's Sweetheart (as John J. Delson)
George Egan George Egan - The Insurance Agent