» » The Dick Van Dyke Show The Curious Thing About Women (1961–1966)

The Dick Van Dyke Show The Curious Thing About Women (1961–1966) HD online

The Dick Van Dyke Show The Curious Thing About Women (1961–1966) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Family
Original Title: The Curious Thing About Women
Director: John Rich
Writers: Frank Tarloff,Carl Reiner
Released: 1961–1966
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
Laura opens and reads Rob's mail, she giving him a Reader's Digest version of it, and even throwing away what she considers unimportant. Rob is not angry that Laura opened his mail, but he is angry that she read it before he did. Laura doesn't understand why Rob is so upset as he always lets her read his mail anyway. After apologies are made, the issue is resolved. Or is it? Out of general chit-chat, Rob tells Sally and Buddy about the event. Buddy thinks the situation is ripe for a comedy sketch for the show, to which Sally and Rob concur. Before the show airs, Laura, not knowing the topic of the sketch, tells Millie and Jerry that Rob told her that she was its inspiration. What's worse for Laura after watching the sketch is that Rob, Sally and Buddy kept the female character's name Laura, so that everyone watching the show believes that character truly is her. To add further insult to Laura, the sketch truly is funny - one of the best they've ever written - making her an even bigger...
Episode cast overview:
Dick Van Dyke Dick Van Dyke - Rob Petrie
Rose Marie Rose Marie - Sally Rogers
Morey Amsterdam Morey Amsterdam - Buddy Sorrell
Mary Tyler Moore Mary Tyler Moore - Laura Petrie
Larry Mathews Larry Mathews - Ritchie Petrie
Jerry Paris Jerry Paris - Jerry Helper
Ann Morgan Guilbert Ann Morgan Guilbert - Millie Helper
Frank Adamo Frank Adamo - Delivery Man

Duplicates the general storyline of _"I Married Joan" (1952)_ {Joan's Curiosity, (#1.8)}_ (q.v.), up to and including the business with the inflatable boat. In addition to the earlier series' stars, the episode also features _Elvia Allman_ (q.v.), who twice appeared on the later series, most notably as Herman Glimscher's mother.