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All in the Family Archie in the Cellar (1971–1979) HD online

All in the Family Archie in the Cellar (1971–1979) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy / Drama
Original Title: Archie in the Cellar
Director: Bob LaHendro,John Rich
Writers: Norman Lear,Don Nicholl
Released: 1971–1979
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
The family goes away for the weekend leaving Archie alone in the house by himself. He waves off Irene's instructions about the broken lock on the cellar door and ends up getting himself stuck down there. Alone with only a tape recorder and a bottle of Vodka to keep him company, he records his last will and testament as the ghosts of his loved ones appear and give their opinions of him. A man to the cellar comes to help him. Archie, who is drunk, thinks it is the voice of God who has come to take him home. When the man gets the door open, Archie is shocked when he sees a black man.
Episode cast overview:
Carroll O'Connor Carroll O'Connor - Archie Bunker
Jean Stapleton Jean Stapleton - Edith Bunker
Rob Reiner Rob Reiner - Michael 'Meathead' Stivic
Sally Struthers Sally Struthers - Gloria Bunker-Stivic
Betty Garrett Betty Garrett - Irene Lorenzo
Juan DeCarlos Juan DeCarlos - Oil Man

This is the only appearance of the Bunkers' cellar.

The uncredited voice on the tape recording of the heretofore talked about, but unseen, character Stretch Cunningham is performed by Billy Sands, who had occasionally played bit parts on the series. When an actual appearance by the character was required in a later season, however, he was played by lanky character actor James Cromwell - perhaps because no one would have nicknamed the diminutive Sands "Stretch."