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Baby Police (2003) HD online

Baby Police (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy / Drama / Family
Original Title: Baby Police
Director: Amayo Uzo Philips
Released: 2003
Video type: Creative Work
Dada, a mischievously sadistic six-year old, constantly bothers his neighbors with stealing and pranks. Dada's mother is at her wits end when her brother visiting from Lagos offers to take Dada to the big city to teach him some discipline. Once there, his uncle begs him to behave. And, of course, he doesn't: pretending to be a prophet, Dada scams a woman out of a television and demands that another take off her clothes in order to perform an exorcism. After being reprimanded by the police, Dada attempts to avoid work by stealing his uncle's money and giving it to some "businessmen" on the street. When he returns to collect his profit, he finds out that he has been tricked. He then decides to pursue riches by forming the "Baby Police Force of Nigeria" (which is actually comprised entirely of adults except for Dada), and earns money by taking money from "criminals" (who are actually just everyday people).
Credited cast:
Ijeoma Angel Boniface Ijeoma Angel Boniface
Okey Billy Boniface Okey Billy Boniface
Osita Iheme Osita Iheme
Camilla Mberekpe Camilla Mberekpe
Okechukwu Obioha Okechukwu Obioha
Francis Odega Francis Odega
Chinwe Owoh Chinwe Owoh

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    I cannot believe no one i know hasn't watched this, it should be considered the Citizen Cane of African movies! You see Baby Police is GROUND breaking for it's time being, it's almost REVOLUTIONARY not only in terms of filmography but in terms of poetry, music, video games and humanity ITSELF! The story is based on a baby, that might in fact be one of the smartest babies alive, in fact i enjoy comparing this movie to Baby Geniuses by Bob Clark, of course this is a unfair comparison... Baby Police wins obviously by a MILE! Dada is so smart he can outsmart the entire village he habitats! He's enjoys playing pranks on inferior people than him and he knows how to survive in the cruel world of Africa by stealing TVs and tricking several other people all to survive the African Mecha Wars. A Truly beautiful struggle if i say myself, there where scenes of him that brang me to tears of how strong a baby can be! In fact this movie should be shown to all the babies considering i believe it would increase the brain size of a human TEN FOLD, thus making the human race evolve more and MORE! As the title says, he does become a Police in the last minutes (this shouldn't be a spoiler due to the fact that the title already gives away the entire plot) and later on has to do Police stuff due to a punishment, this struggle of him and the police also brang me to tears because he couldn't smoke weed while in front of the police force and that really is something PRETTY worrying! The dialog in this movie is as good as filmography gets, they are so emotional and symbolic and in my opinion this movie may be the most quotable movie of all times. Phrases such as "You are the No." and "God Speed, Bring the Weed." are always to be kept in my heart for it has helped me confront my fears in life.

    For me Baby Police was like being a starving baby in Africa later to be feed the most delicious and tummy-fulling dish of all the planet cooked by Gordon Ramsay! Needles to say, it didn't also save me from dying but it made happy with the most delicious thing i ever ate. I totally recommend this movie for people who grandma's are dying and have a sense of culture in there hearts.