» » Go East - Go West Die Ringe der Padaung (1997–2003)

Go East - Go West Die Ringe der Padaung (1997–2003) HD online

Go East - Go West Die Ringe der Padaung (1997–2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Documentary
Original Title: Die Ringe der Padaung
Director: Martin Thoma
Writers: Martin Thoma
Released: 1997–2003
Video type: TV Episode
We are in the no man's land between Burma, Thailand and Laos, a legendary triangle, surrounded in the rainforest by countless jungle paths. The "Golden Triangle" is famous for its poisonous kitchens, where Rohopium is refined into heroin and smuggled into neighbouring countries via jungle paths. Only in more recent times have the natural beauties of this area been discovered, the habitat of the reclusive mountain tribes. The Padaung tribe has lived in four mountain valleys for hundreds of years. The women of the Padaung are better known under the zoological term "giraffe women". Countless rings, distributed over wrist and ankle, neck and arms, are symbols of beauty, age, marriage and a mixture of Buddhist and animist beliefs. If, for example, the neck rings of a 40-year-old woman weighing about 10 kilograms were removed, the weakened neck muscles would no longer be able to carry the pure weight of the head. The film is a journey into the exotic world of giraffe women.