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Forever Hollywood (2015) HD online

Forever Hollywood (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Forever Hollywood
Director: Angie Baggett,Dillan Stockham
Writers: Angie Baggett,Julia Watson
Released: 2015
Duration: 18min
Video type: Movie
Forever Hollywood is a short horror film about a group of young actors. Sent to participate in a team-building camping retreat at the request of their producer, the group sets out to capture behind the scenes footage to promote their upcoming TV series. The retreat takes a dark turn as one by one, the actors fall prey to the spread of a Zombie virus and even the living begin to turn on one another. A hero arises, and a mad dash for survival ensues.
Cast overview:
Janine Walz Janine Walz - Payton
Dustin Stern-Garcia Dustin Stern-Garcia - Zeke
Kambra Potter Kambra Potter - Marna
Esquire Duke Esquire Duke - Josh
Tyler Bruhn Tyler Bruhn - Brock
Angelica Medina Angelica Medina - Leslie
Mike Egbert Mike Egbert - Albert