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Irada (2017) HD online

Irada (2017) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Irada
Director: Aparnaa Singh
Writers: Anushka Rajan
Released: 2017
Duration: 1h 49min
Video type: Movie
A mysterious bomb blast in a business tycoon's factory prompts the state CM to hire an NIA officer. He meets an ex-army man seeking revenge for his dead daughter and a journalist demanding justice for her slain boyfriend. Nothing is what it seems.


Cast overview, first billed only:
Naseeruddin Shah Naseeruddin Shah - Parabjeet Walia
Arshad Warsi Arshad Warsi - Arjun Mishra
Divya Dutta Divya Dutta - Ramandeep Braitch
Sharad Kelkar Sharad Kelkar - Paddy Sharma
Sagarika Ghatge Sagarika Ghatge - Maya Singh
Rajesh Sharma Rajesh Sharma - Jeetu Arora
Rumana Molla Rumana Molla - Riya Walia
Nikhil Pandey Nikhil Pandey - Anirudh Dutt
Prashantt Guptha Prashantt Guptha - Bhagat Singh
Diwakar Kumar Diwakar Kumar - Jagat Sinha
Harmeet Kaur Harmeet Kaur - Supreet Singh
Savita Bhatti Savita Bhatti - Harmeet Braich
Prince Soni Prince Soni - Sunday Singh
Rohan Shah Rohan Shah - Ricky Bhullar
Radhika Bangia Radhika Bangia - Ruby Gill

This is the fourth film of Arshad Warsi and Naseeruddin Shah together. Previously they have acted in Mujhe Meri Biwi Se Bachaao (2001), Ishqiya (2010), Dedh Ishqiya (2014).

Reviews: [6]

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    This is not a movie for the people who like commercial films with masala (a bit of everything in the movie and an ITEM NUMBER). Its a very nice movie made upon a serious issue that is poisoning the Indian Nation and also other countries in Asia and Africa.

    The Govt of Asia/Africa should take a stand and more action to stop the issue shown in the movie.

    Without spoiling the movie. The story is good. The first half could have been written better but its not bad. The film takes off in the second half and the ending is a bit rushed. Very enjoyable movie.

    Performances of all lead actors are good. Nice to see Arshad in a good role after a long time. Naseer was at his magical best as well.

    Must see...
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    'Irada' is a pleasant surprise. This one's A Well-Made, Well-Acted Film With A Message! Director Aparnaa Singh delivers an absorbing Eco-Thriller, that is embellished with stellar performances.

    'Irada' Synopsis: A mysterious bomb blast in a business tycoon's factory prompts the state CM to hire an NIA officer. He meets an ex-army man seeking revenge for his dead daughter and a journalist demanding justice for her slain boyfriend. Nothing is what it seems.

    'Irada' is about the chemical mafia that lays in Punjab, which leads its natives to get cancer. 'irada' is a film with a voice & talks about how the environment needs to be clean & how the people in power are destroying the commoners for the sake of money & power. Aparnaa deserves credit for delivering an interesting film, with a message that actually shocks you.

    Having said that, 'Irada' isn't flawless. The film is frustrating slow in its first-hour, but fortunately, the second-hour is power-packed. I wish the first-hour, particularly the first 30- minutes were tighter. But considering the second-hour is so strong, you're almost willing to look away its flaws!

    Aparnaa & Anushka Rajan's Writing is initially slow, but gathers tremendous momentum soon-after & doesn't let you move. Aparnaa's Direction is excellent. Cinematography & Editing are well-done.

    'Irada' aces as far as the performances are concerned. Arshad Warsi is a delight to watch here. As the NIA officer, with a wicked sense of humor, the criminally underrated Warsi takes center stage, even though he enters the scene pretty late. He's fabulous! Divya Dutta is in top-form after a long time. The actress is simply superb as the sharp-tongued, calculative, conniving CM. Sagarika Ghatge as the journo in search for justice, is very sincere in her part. Sharad Kelkar scores as the wicked business. Rajesh Sharma is fantastic as Kelkar's right-hand, the un-trust worthy manager of his company. Naseeruddin Shah is natural as the grieving father, while the actress who plays Nasser's daughter, is fantastic & leaves a solid impression.

    On the whole, 'Irada' comes out of nowhere & hits you. Give it a shot.
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    I really like this film. The story line has a very powerful message and should be watched by everyone. We need more movies like this in Bollywood. Excellent acting by everyone, Mr.Shah, Mr.Warsi, and even the girl who plays the daughter! It was nice to see Sagarika in the movie, she was brilliant!
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    This movie deals with some profound aspects of life which We are missing blindly. The writer tried to be very convincing to get the roots of a story but the direction is not that much of dedication but It's OK for the Overall Message. Sometimes it attracts attention towards many provocative yet Realistic things in Indian Politics and Administration. Must learn from such small aspects of it. The confidence level of actors are not that much good, It could have been improved but a Great comeback from Arshad and Nice acting from Divya Datta (She really Nailed it, at least in a couple of scenes). Once again Usefulness of Army and Administration can be used to clean up the mess as movie urges through its vivid aspects. Silence of The Himalaya tells many unspoken Words that can be Heard by Only those who Actually Watched it from Right Angle :)
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    Irada is a crisp eco-thriller that deals with a real issue - the corrupt nexus between politicians and a factory which leads to ground water contamination causing cancer in people.

    This is a real issue that is precisely what is happening in Punjab, with Bhatinda the worst-hit. This cancer can even lead to DNA mutations.

    Note: Irada exposes the cancer problem while Udta Punjab exposes the drugs issue, both in Punjab.

    Although Irada is a sincerely made film, it could've been handled and presented in a much better manner.


    1 - The movie is presented in a "crispy" manner with little or no diversions.

    2 - Great acting by the likes of Nasserudin Shah, Arshad Warsi and Divya Dutta.

    3 - Background music and Cinematography is good. I really liked the opening sequence of the film with the thrilling music.


    1 - A few things are shown as if the Director Arpaana Singh wants us to read her mind, instead of showing them clearly.

    In two scenes, something written in letters are shown. But the scenes does not last long enough for us to read the contents. It'd have been smarter had the characters read out the important content for the audience to hear.

    No mention of the content of the book released by Parabjeet Walia (Nasseruddin Shah).

    There is some talk of a secret chemical formula which does not make sense.

    2 - The interaction between Arshad (as the NIA officer) and Sagarika (the journalist) is very odd and irritating. It is as if they both know each other and Arshad talks and reacts in a casual and filmsy manner. In one scene he is playing with a table tennis ball while Sagarika is explaining something. Totally irritating! 3 - So why did Arshad Warsi enact the fake murder? For what purpose? It seems only the Director knows it.

    4 - A boring love song between Maya (Sagarika Ghatge) & Anirudh (Nikhil Pandey) whom we do not known enough to care about. When the characters do not have any depth such songs make no sense.
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    A poor story with a decent direction that tried to grab attention through the actors. Naseeruddin Shah and Arshad Warsi were good in their roles.

    Storyline Rating: 2

    Acting Rating: 3 Naseeruddin Shah: 3 Arshad Warsi: 3 Divya Dutta: 2 Sharad Kelkar: 2 Sagarika Ghatge: 3 Rajesh Sharma: 3

    Direction Rating: 2

    Music Rating: 2

    Cinematography: 2

    Editing: 2