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La créature des abysses (2003) HD online

La créature des abysses (2003) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Adventure / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller
Original Title: Deep Shock
Director: Phillip J. Roth
Writers: Brian Mammett,Jeff Rank
Released: 2003
Duration: 1h 33min
Video type: Movie
When an unknown underwater object disables an American nuclear-powered submarine and attacks a submerged Arctic research complex, a scientific expedition flies to the North Pole to investigate these incidents as well as the sudden, inexplicable rise in temperature that threatens to melt the ice cap and flood the surface of the world.


Cast overview, first billed only:
David Keith David Keith - Capt. Andrew (Andy) Raines, USN
Simmone Mackinnon Simmone Mackinnon - Dr. Anne Fletcher (as Simmone Jade Mackinnon)
Mark Sheppard Mark Sheppard - Chomsky
Sean Whalen Sean Whalen - Arciero
Armando Valdés Armando Valdés - Protas
Robert Zachar Robert Zachar - Michael (as Bob Zachar)
Richard Gnolfo Richard Gnolfo - Rodgers
Todd Kimsey Todd Kimsey - Hurst
Tyrone Pinkham Tyrone Pinkham - Beach
Jeffrey Rank Jeffrey Rank - Helmsman
D.J. Johnson D.J. Johnson - Sonar man
Velizar Binev Velizar Binev - Dr. Pashe
Anatoly Nechev Anatoly Nechev - French G-8 representative
Ivaylo Geraskov Ivaylo Geraskov - Russian G-8 representative (as Ivailo Geraskov)
Alvin Poteat Alvin Poteat - Pilot

Originally the eels in the film were going to be created by the American CGI team, and looked similar to a giant moray eel with a more sinister grin. But to save money, the American eel was scrapped, and the work was handed to the Bulgarian CGI team.

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    furious ox

    A mediocre Sci-Fi Channel original picture. A little squirmish, but not much. The nuclear powered submarine U.S.S. Jimmy Carter is on a mission deep below thick frigid ice near the North Pole when it is attacked by giant super charged electric eels. A member of the crew (Simmone Jade Mackinnon)thinks she has devised a way to communicate with the monsters, but is not given much chance for vague reasons. Also among the crew are:David Keith, Mark Sheppard and Sean Whalen. This movie could have been somewhat better if the eels/monsters were not so cartoonish.
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    Deep Shock plays out like a TV movie: a whole cast of commercial-quality actors, a poorly designed creature to be the "bad guy," and a script that is more full of technical, political jargon and importances than it knows what to do with.

    I checked out the movie because of the creature (I love to see what filmmakers have in mind for their designs in these cheaply made videos), and right off the bat, I got disappointed because the creature on the box was not the one in the movie. The actors I expected because of the type of film it is (really quite generic and not thought out past a certain point). The music was typical, not-thought-out action symphonic music.

    I liked the design of the computers and technical equipment, along with the mini-sub design. The movie even flowed really well, with guiding screens letting you know which set you're watching the story unfold in. But there isn't much of a story here anyways.

    This movie gets a 3/10 stars IMO. The boring search and destroy mission to blow up the North Pole and these creatures protecting it...kinda lame. Even lamer is the tagged-on love relationship between two of the characters that you don't see coming. Chalk this one up to being a movie which tries to get actors' careers off the bench and into a video. Don't bother.
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    Light out of Fildon

    This is the story of giant electric eels, and maybe they're from another planet. I don't know. Everything is pretty vague. They're trying to melt the polar ice cap, apparently so more of them can come to take over the world. There's this female scientist who seems to think this is a marvelous idea, and basically she does everything she can to help them. She's the "hero" of the story. Yeah, pretty good stuff, huh? She also grins at everything. As another reviewer said, she gets fired, she grins. She thinks she's going to die, she grins. She concocts a plan so that the creatures can come back and wipe out mankind later - after she's had a chance to live her life. She grins. Did I mention she's our hero?

    David Keith is in it too, playing the same exact character he plays in everything else he's been in lately.

    Special effects aren't too bad in spots, but the eels are really silly looking. Looks like they ran out of money near the end and used unpaid interns to finish up the CGI. Acting is awful - the female lead really steals the show in that category but she had plenty of competition.

    So in conclusion, if you're just dying to see a whole pile of cheap CGI and really couldn't care less if the story makes any sense or the acting is any good, hey, this is the film for you!
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    Last week I had some minor surgery and had to watch TV. As the previous reviewer stated the Sci-Fi channel loves putting thier 'original' movies onSunday night at 9:00. Maybe because they think no one is watching.

    Lately Sci-Fi is not content to just run movies and TV shows, they want to be movie makers. Having seen most of them, I conclude they need to stop it. This movie (and it really isn't a movie, more like an episode of a Twilight Zone-like anthology series) was just bad karma from the first word.

    Paint by numbers.

    The script was difficult to follow. Seriously I didn't really understand what was going on for most of it. The only clues I had were the rip-off characters from the Abyss, and of course the 'arch evil' corporate, government, mad scientist (insert here) bad guy. Boy, ever since Alien 2 we've always had the Paul Reiser character in every sci-fi tale.

    Anyway, the movie was as bad as it's CGI creatures, and had nothing to offer a sci-fi fan.
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    It could have been so simple. You rent a flick called "Deep Shock" and expect giant eels to be attacking. Well, that's what I expected. Instead I got a hokey, moronic, painful waste of a movie. Who was in charge of quality control for this stink burger? Yuck-o. Shockingly terrible.

    Giant glowing eels attack an underground station. The UN sends the usual plucky scientist to investigate. The eels looked like the dragon from "Never Ending Story". They did not look like eels. They shoot lightning bolts out of their heads! What? Wait...What? What is that about? These are super eels. How super you ask? The scientist creates a computer program to talk to the eels!! YES!! Instant messaging with eels! AAAAAAHHHHH!!!

    This movie is as lame brained as it gets. I was in agony watching it. The monsters turn out to be misunderstood eels and the humans are wretched for not trying to understand them and their eel ways. If there is one lesson I can impart on monster movie filmmakers, it is this: MONSTERS ARE THERE TO BE KILLED. THEY ARE THE BAD GUYS. THEY ARE NOT THERE TO BE PETTED LIKE A PUPPY DOG OR OTHERWISE SYMPATHIZED WITH!

    This movie was made for only one purpose: To show off their lame computer special effects. Over half the movie is spent having characters look at computer screens. Whoop-dee-doo. The eel flick needed lots of computer screen shots with diagrams of subs, stations and whatever else was in chaos.

    Send this flick down into the eel trench. They might like it. All humans should avoid.
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    After a attack submarine named after Jimmy Carter suffers a tragic fate (no its not attacked by a giant invisible bunny rabbit), the U.N argues about global warming, one female scientist and her ex who still wants to bang her (don't ask me why as she's a bit of a daft twit) go to investigate, where she meets up/emphasizes with giant ice-melting eels. The whole scenario seems a bit fishy to me.

    If you actually find enjoyment in this cinematic excrement, you have to be seriously eel. It's no deep shock how electrifying bad this movie was going to be, but it was somehow much MUCH worse, I wanted to kEEL myself. By the end I only had my fish puns to keep my mind occupied, yes choosing to watch this was quite eel-conceived indeed.

    My Grade: F
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    Nothing personal

    This has to be the cheapest film made in 21st century. It is all the way low quality, but at the end it falls below... everything. All the cheap tricks - like flashing and darkness - are used to hide those crappy computer effects.

    All the actors are below average, especially the main character Anne Fletcher (Simmone Mackinnon). There is a scene, where Anne is asked: "Why you seem so careless?" The correct answer is, because she can't act. No matter what happens (the world is about to be destroyed, her friend is dying, she is fired), she has the same stupid grin in her face.

    It is not only the movie, which is B -quality. It is also the back cover description (at least in Finland). The text mentions things like Lorica Gray -vessel, Capital -vessel and main character Garrison Harper and Anna (not Anne) Fletcher. The description sounds like a different movie, both featuring character called Fletcher and sea monsters
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    I don't get this. The movie obviously has a pretty good budget. It has very good cinematography. It has nice pacing, good editing and pretty good directing too. Then WHY OH WHY didn't they hire someone to do a final rewrite of the script so it would not be so damn cheesy and WHY OH WHY did they hire such lousy actors that can't act their way out of a paper bag? This movie could have been good. At most times it LOOKS good and FEELS good but in the end, you realize that the movie was no good at all.

    So I would say it's a good production but a bad movie. Too bad actually.

    And eels? Come one, really!
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    Actually had to stop it. Don't get me wrong, love bad monster movies. But this one was way too boring, regardless of the suspenseful music that never leads you anywhere. The actress had too many teeth and that moment when she makes contact with one of the beasts, was way too obvious a cliché. This film totally betrays the cover on the DVD which looks pretty interesting. From the cover one expects a giant monster, but you get these cute not as gigantic as expected electric eels. Moved on to watch another film called The Killer Rats but that's another review. Deep Shock was really crap, a big shame considering the fact that it looks pretty high budget.
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    Deep SH.. is more like it! The eels are just cartooned in over the film. Think "The Incredible Mr. Limpet" meets "Leviathan". Very tacky.

    No character or relationship development. So called "romantic" scenes very corny and predictable. An interesting idea, but a poorly written script and LOUSY special effects make this a definite must-miss!
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    This movie looked good according to the excellent picture on box and it was an exciting film that stars one of My favorite actors David Kieth. It was not what I thought it was though. With these giant electric eels which really looked like dragons it made the film unusual. The acting was good and the effects looked good. The music by Richard McHugh was good! Speaking of the music, I noticed that some of it especially in the first part in the main title which is also located in the beginning of the end credits sounds much like the score for The Fly II composed by Christopher Young! Its really neat music and I found it strange that it sounded alike! Though the movie may not be the best film or the best of its kind or it maybe really disappointing due to the huge creature on the box isn't in the film but give it a watch if you are a fan of David Kieth and/or the genre!
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    The special effects make the TV version of "Tremors" look real!

    No one in the cast can act.

    Kind of like the '62 "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" meets the cartoon ocean going electric eel cartoons.
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    Yup... another sea creature, oil rig, military tries to deal with creature hamfistedly type straight to video affair. But if you like movies about huge electric eels resembling the creature on the cover of Asia's first album... than this is for you. Especially if you're holding a David Keith film festival. Plenty of drama and tension to be had but the cheap cg sea creatures (say that 5 times fast) are too hokey to provide payoff or menace. Not the worst thing out there for sure but it's nothing you haven't seen already in the last 15-20 years: The Abyss, Deep Star Six, Leviathan etc. etc. All that's really missing is a lesser Baldwin brother.
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    Near the North Pole, the submarine U.S.S. Jimmy Carter encounters some mysterious objects in the water. It is, of course, impossible for such objects to be truly unknown, so when he can't get answers, the commanding officer just yells in order to get better results.

    We don't know exactly what happens, but it can be concluded that it was something terrible. The next thing we see is two scientists--Chomsky and Dr. Anne Fletcher--arguing at a United Nations auditorium over whether there is global warming.

    The Hubris, an underwater station, is attacked as well, possibly by the same unknown objects. One crew member pulls a gun in an effort to stop an unwise retaliation whose results are unpredictable. And then whatever happened to the Jimmy Carter happens to them, supposedly. Chomsky, Fletcher and Fletcher's ex, Capt. Andy Raines, are on the team sent to investigate.

    The airplane landing at the North Pole is kind of rough (they tell us it's the North Pole, but there's no land there in reality, and yet there is a runway with lights somewhere).

    The group boards the Hubris and finds everyone dead, but amazingly, once they get the power back, everything works perfectly. Now they just have to find the cause of what happened. Meanwhile, the United Nations sees only one way to solve the problem: a full-blown nuclear attack. This includes the Jimmy Carter (what, there were two? Oh, maybe they fixed it).

    The rest of the movie consists of arguments over how best to handle what Dr. Fletcher determines are electric eels from another planet who regard Earth as theirs and humans as "intruders". Communication with the outside world is disrupted and must be repaired, but it doesn't really matter because the United Nations won't listen to reason. There are some pretty exciting battle scenes and suspense as we wonder if the crew can somehow stop the United Nations.

    This movie is pretty much what you'd expect, but some of it is actually better. I thought Capt. Raines and Dr. Fletcher had a couple of pretty good scenes, and Capt. Raines has a nice smile. Their subordinates provide comedy relief, and Chomsky is just a stubborn grouch.

    The alien creatures look good, for Saturday morning. But this is live-action and you would hope they'd be realistic.

    There is, of course, an important moral here. Aliens may not be as evil as you think, but you just have to know how to deal with them. Most people aren't that patient or knowledgeable. Not something we haven't seen before, though.

    It's not too bad if you need something lightweight.
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    This movie surprised me, after coming close to forward speeding it by 8 times after 45 minutes of lousy acting, ill conceived SF premise and virtual GI-Joe intellectual and philosophic discussion; it gradually and weirdly takes on a life of its own and ends as half a very interesting and credit worthy SF adventure and exploration. The female lead for a while stops just looking like Katherine Hepburn but starts acting like her as well, and though it isn't much and the animation is borderline shlock-horror comic the whole cooked up alien contact eco-catasrophe, deep sea adventure mish mash works a bit in the end. Surprisingly enjoyable!
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    When I saw this movie at the store I was pretty sure the monsters would suck...a dead give away is cover art....they always draw the creature when the CGI is poor.I was not let down...these eel's blew chunks.

    now onto the good parts.

    I enjoyed the movie..I went into it knowing it would not have good special effects.The story was torn from 4 or 5 of the better "off the shelf SiFi plots for B movies hand guide" and it works fine.

    The acting was not near as bad as some of the comments I have read here,i thought it was fine and I easily found myself interested in the survival of the characters.

    this is a b- movie and it lives down to those standards...middle of the road overall.
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    Sci-Fi Channel offers this lugubrious, insensitive and heavily-orchestrated North Pole would-be horror flick that is just slow enough to irritate and flashing enough lights to induce a kind of I-Don't-Care-to-Get-It epilepsy.
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    It's not the best movie ever made, but it is far from bad. The effect are a bit outdated for a movie made in 2002, but it is still exciting and a nice little piece to watch on a weekday when you don't have any other films to watch.

    If you don't mind some lame computer animated scenes, it's actully quite exciting.
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    So let me just say that I rented this movie because of the huge alien-dinosaur-like beast on the cover of the DVD. So I first start to watch this film and you can't help but make fun of the horrible acting, the abysmal filming, and the oh so magnificent script. Well, the first time you see the creature (30 minutes into the film, in case you feel like just FWD-ing through the amazing introduction of plot)you can't help but say, "Hmm... that looks a lot more like Puff the Magic Dragon than an awesome prehistoric alien beastie." But then again, it's not like you have high expectations of a film like this. ANyway, there is some horrible acting by the main female lead. You may have seen her in such Cinemax classics as "Bad Red" and "Just Girl from Australia....or England.....or, wait, what accent are you using today?" ANyway, The plot is really bad because it never really goes anywhere, but tries to create these amazing layers of depth for the characters. My favorite parts of the movie are when the screen flashes the new scene locations so as to eliminate the costly transition scenes required of higher quality films. Overall, if you see this movie sitting on the shelf and have a whopping 93 minutes to kill, It's worth the view, but only if you have a handful of friends with which to mock this great film. Other films I recommend include the fabulous TIMELINE with Paul Walker, and THE CORE. These special movies will touch your heart.

    I'm out.
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    This is one of what appears to be several attempts of the SciFi channel at securing a new weekly series. (Riverworld, Momentum, Alien Hunter, Epoch) This time it is giant alien eels who are preparing the earth for reclamation by its original owners, whoever that might be, by melting the polar ice caps. In the end the good scientist somehow manages to communicate with them and they get locked away in the remains of the Hubris undersea research station which conveniently sinks with them inside it. It's easy to see how this could evolve into a series with the question each week of "Will the earths owners come back or not?) Like all of the these movies that the SciFi channel has put on they come on at 9:00PM on Saturday (at least in my area). They are interesting until about half-way through and they loose steam. The ending always leaves many unanswered questions which could conveniently be dealt with in a weekly series. As far as the storyline goes there is one major flaw in the concept. According to the scenario presented if the polar ice cap melted the resulting lose of land mass due to flooding is way, way off. A graphic presented in the movie showed that 90% of all land mass would be under water. This is simply not the case. Even if both polar ice caps melted, (in the movie only the Arctic ice mass was being melted) ocean levels in the world would rise about 60-100 feet. While this would be devastating to all coastal cities it would not, as indicated in the movie, flood all of the United States except the High Sierra Nevada Mountains. The far greater problem with a disappearing polar ice sheet would be the complete disruption of the weather pattern as we now know it. I also was annoyed with the cliche ridden depiction of the military. Even after it was very clearly demonstrated that any form of aggression against these "eels" would result in complete destruction of the aggressor no one except the good scientists were getting the message. I served in the military and can say that if one battle strategy fails it is never repeated over and over again giving opportunity after opportunity for failure. All in all it was a disappointing film. I'll keep watching however because I am a SciFi junkie.
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    I know this film really got slammed in User Reviews, but if you approach this movie NOT expecting some new entirely new version of film, then I think you'll find you enjoy the film.

    First of all, I don't think that there could be a completely new version of "what awaits us in the deep of the oceans" film. However, this film certainly adds a few new twists while not being some huge CGI film.

    Other than a few shots, I would even say this is a family-safe film, for those who are not easily frightened. I wouldn't recommend for small children, but teenagers could certainly handle this with no problem.

    And I must admit, I liked the "creature" in this film, it wasn't set out to be some horribly new creature that's supposed to scare us all to death at first site.

    But as always, take the time to see the film for yourself! You may truly disagree with my opinion... but then, that's the great thing about living in our society... everyone has an opinion and can voice it!

    Take it easy, ya'll!

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    The idea was preposterous in the first place, but I saw it anyway out of interest to see how bad it would be and whether it would be something to revel in the awfulness of it all. No such luck! Deep Shock doesn't even have the so-bad-it's-good factor, just so-bad-it's-bad. Bad doesn't even describe what I consider one of the worst movies I've seen in a long time. Visually, Deep Shock looks terrible, with choppy editing and too-dark lighting. But they are nothing compared to the effects of the eels, their giant sock-puppet-like appearances would be more at home in a cartoon or something, and because of the way they look they exude no menace or even quirky fun. The music score manages to be overbearing too, with sluggish tempos, obtrusive and obvious orchestration and melodically nothing standing out at all. The writing is just as awful, whether in tense, humorous or romantic moments it all feels very forced and stilted. And it seems as though the actors know that, as nobody is good, often reading of playing themselves. David Keith is playing the same role here than he has been in a lot of his movies of late, and it's getting old. The story has no life to it whatsoever and feels predictable and contrived all the time, while the characters are dull as dishwater and clichéd. In conclusion, a soggy mess. 1/10 Bethany Cox
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    Well, I can only say the filmmakers tried, at least that's something... And I might also be rather too generous in my rating. But "Deep Shock" is at least worth a little bit more than its poor 1.9/10 IMDb rating (at the time I first saw it; apparently I was right, since it went up to 2.5/10 by now). The film is somewhat of a cross between "The Abyss" (1989) and maybe "Deepstar Six" (1989) and a zillion other "in the deep blue ocean" horror/sci-fi flickies. Juiced up with a lot of questionable CGI and a lame 'ex-wife/ex-husband get back together in the end' subplot. It gets a little credit for the background story that was given to the creatures and how they came to exist. But that's about it, really.
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    This was one of the worst movies EVER!!!!!!!! It was so bad, I was laughing through the WHOLE movie! The plot was SO cheesy; especially the end. This movie turns from an end-of-the-world-disaster to save-the-eels! I mean, c'mon! And I swear...I think they use SOCK PUPPETS for the eels! And there was this horrible kiss scene in the middle with the two main characters who happened to be divorced. How predictable! It was SO terrible that my mom, my sister, and I couldn't finish it, and when we DID finish it, it was about a year later! The second time we watched it and we finished it this time, we did MST3K-like comments throughout the movie.

    Summary: Only watch this if you're a movie basher! Make hilarious comments, watch this at a sleepover for laughs, and I mean HUGE laughs. Also watch for mockery. The metaphor that explains this movie: This movie is a very shallow field full of cheese and sock puppets!