» » Et raadhus til alvor og fest (2010)

Et raadhus til alvor og fest (2010) HD online

Et raadhus til alvor og fest (2010) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: Et raadhus til alvor og fest
Director: Nils Vest
Writers: Nils Vest
Released: 2010
Duration: 51min
Video type: Movie
City Hall in Copenhagen is a gem in the Danish national romantic building tradition. Virtually untouched since the completion in 1905. But it was not an easy birth for the creative force behind the project, Martin Nyrop. In the film we see both the architect sources of inspiration in Italy and his stubborn fight to retain his original idea of the structure. Town Hall spirits of both Nyrop sense of clear outline practical solutions to difficult design tasks, and interest to even the smallest thing. The film is both a dramatic introduction to a magical universe, and a fascinating portrait of an energy and tough slider in Danish architecture.
Cast overview:
Hans Henrik Petersen Hans Henrik Petersen - Martin Nyrop
Bent Blindbæk Bent Blindbæk - Nyrops stemme (voice)
Svend Aage Christensen Svend Aage Christensen - Journaliststemme (voice)
Nils Vest Nils Vest - Narrator (voice)