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Still Smokin (1983) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Music
Original Title: Still Smokin
Director: Tommy Chong
Writers: Tommy Chong,Cheech Marin
Released: 1983
Duration: 1h 31min
Video type: Movie
Cheech & Chong are invited to a celebrity party/festival in Amsterdam. When they get there, however, it turns out that the guy who invited them has taken off with all the money, and the rest of the hosts have a VERY limited budget. They are actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, so our heroes gets to be Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly. We follow them around Amsterdam, at their hotel, (still) smokin' joints and doing shows.


Complete credited cast:
Cheech Marin Cheech Marin - Cheech
Tommy Chong Tommy Chong - Chong (as Thomas Chong)
Hans Man in 't Veld Hans Man in 't Veld - Promoter
Carol van Herwijnen Carol van Herwijnen - Hotel Manager (as Carol van Herwijen)
Shireen Strooker Shireen Strooker - Assistant Manager
Susan Hahn Susan Hahn - Hotel Maid
Arjan Ederveen Arjan Ederveen - Bellboy
Kees Prins Kees Prins - Bellboy
Mariette Bout Mariette Bout - Barge Waitress
Fabiola Fabiola - Barge Lady
Carla van Amstel Carla van Amstel - Queen Beatrix

The last twenty minutes of the movie was concert footage from Cheech and Chong's then first live performance in four years at the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, filmed in September 1982.

The name of the movie within a movie was "The Harder They Don't Come". It starred Shel Likkerbottom and Pryor Convictions, the latter being a parody of Richard Pryor's name. The title also was a spoof, of Jimmy Cliff's Jamaican film, The Harder They Come (1972).

The picture was nominated for Worst Picture at the Hastings Bad Cinema Society's 6th Stinkers Bad Movie Awards in 1983.

The fifth of seven Cheech and Chong movies starring the comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

The aliases that Cheech and Chong became were Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly, as they are mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, who at the time had recently co-starred in Il più bel casino del Texas (1982) and were meant to be attending (as the film's story goes) The First Amsterdam Film Festival.

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    Nobody else seems to know how to make a hilarious, easy-going film like Up In Smoke, and if this effort is any indication, it would appear that the duo don't really know it either. In fact, if I had to assess why Up In Smoke was such a classic in spite of its uneven pace, Still Smokin' would lead me to believe that it was purely a miraculous accident. But even without comparison to Up In Smoke, Still Smokin' is by any standard a complete mess.

    The concept around which the film is based seems interesting enough. The stoner duo, playing themselves for a change, are invited to a film festival in Holland. The idea being that Holland, with its somewhat less Nancy-Boy approach to drug consumption, regards the pair as celebrities. Or at least, that is the idea behind one of the sketches. And this is where the problem begins. The plot, such as it is, loosely ties together a series of Comedy Company-style sketches that just don't work. Some of them, such as the interview with an adoring Dutch film critic society, smack of self-indulgence.

    The one part of this film that comes close to working is the blind blues harmonica player. Chong literally comes onto the stage wearing some kind of brown paint over his face, and, tapping out a beat with his foot, blows into his empty hands. It is a lot funnier to watch than it looks on paper (or a monitor), and I still cannot watch a lot of Charles Bronson's scenes in C'era una volta il West without cracking up because of it. If the rest of the film had been like this, it would have been a major success.

    Unfortunately, the rest of the film is based around such idiocies as a wrestling match with invisible opponents that goes on way too long, or a stage performance in which the stoner duo impersonate dogs. I can't remember if they really do such things as sniff each others' butts, but given how low and undignified this sounds in text form, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. What would surprise me would be the Paramount executives being fully sober and lucid when they greenlighted this mess. Seriously, did they even have a finished script when principal photography began?

    In all, I gave Still Smokin' a one out of ten. It is not bad enough to be good, but it is bad enough to be just plain bad. Aside from the one funny skit I outlined above, the entire film was, and still is, a big waste of cash. I am not surprised in the slightest that the Just Say No movement picked up momentum shortly after films like this. They suggest quite strongly that marijuana might not be so harmless after all.
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    Two stoners named Cheech and Chong are invited to a Dutch film festival by mistake. Hmm... can you guess what stoners do in the Netherlands? Well, apart from being the most idiotic and stupid of the Cheech and Chong movies, this film does stand up pretty well compared to some of todays dope-movies. What it lacks in plot it makes up for with the hilarious sketches at the end(best part of the movie, no matter what anyone says). Some of the sketches are a little sick, so this film isn't for the easily offended. This film is pretty funny, although it has no plot which drags it down a bit. 7 out of 10.
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    "Still Smokin" isn't as good as Cheech and Chong's earlier movies due to the over-emphasis on vignettes, but it still elicits some laughs. This one has the pot-loving twosome going to Amsterdam for a film festival, where the audience is expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton! From there, the buddies have a series of absurd adventures. The lengthy skits that they imagine drag on a little too long, but the actual shots of the sauna (plus Cheech's own "ET") make up for that.

    I've heard that Amsterdam, and probably the entire Netherlands, is a really fine place. This movie really makes it look that way. It's not their best movie, but easily better than their follow-up "Corsican Brothers".
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    I am a Cheech and Chong Fan. Saw "Up in Smoke" a few months ago and I still think it is great. .....Still Smokin is not great. Not good. Not is crap. A few funny moments, but basically no story. Most of the humour is not funny, even if you are stoned. Try "Up in Smoke" or the Next Movie, but not this one.

    The basic plot/story is Cheech and Chong are mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton at a film festival in Amterdam by people carrying signs with Burt and Dollys photos on them. ...and then it get worst.

    You can look at my voting history and I have rated over 1500 movies...there are very few ones...98% of my votes are 6 and up...I like movies of all kinds..except crap. THis is crap...Don't waste your time.
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    Let's be honest, Cheech & Chong weren't exactly artists, but some of their earlier movies were a lot of fun. This was their 4th or 5th movie, and it's basically a tired rehash of the same stoner jokes they were knocking out in Up In Smoke. Having said that, it is still fun to a certain audience; the same audience who like Beavis & Butthead or Jay & Silent Bob really.

    It's not just the infantile humour, it's that age old story of 'loser makes good' that we all find so satisfying over and over again. While C&C don't really achieve anything in any of their movies, they do have fun not achieving it.

    In this movie they end up in Amsterdam, where they are mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton (obviously). You can pretty much imagine the rest of the movie as is. It's stupid, it's childish, it's juvenile - and that's exactly the point.
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    Cheech and Chong plunge to new depths in this lackluster comedy, a film so bad, it makes their "Nice Dreams" film seem like a classic. Particularly awful is the concert footage at the end, which is about as funny as a savage beating. Watch at your own risk.
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    Cheech & Chong are obviously not everyones taste, but I for one, think that they are two of a kind, that deserve more recognition from those in the, so called 'know'. This little gem is yet more proof, that these guys are as funny today as they where twenty years ago. Sex, drugs & hippy wierd stuff, at it's best.
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    This is an incredibly funny film! More like a series of wacky sketches rather than a movie with a plot, but great fun nonetheless. We were all falling out of our chairs laughing. Cheech and Chong are awfully talented! The dog routine, the invisible man, the hairy palm, the E.T. routine.. I saw the movie day before yesterday and I still cant hold back my laughter when I remember those scenes! These guys should have made a TV series, they are awesome!
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    Cheech and Chong are invited to an international film festival in Amsterdam. When they arrive, Cheech is momentarily mistaken for Burt Reynolds. In true Cheech and Chong fashion, this guy they met at a party in LA (Patrick) got them tickets to this festival. This Patrick guy took the event promoters money and car, as well. The promoter is having trouble funding the event and is expecting Burt and Dolly to show up. Cheech and Chong inevitable fill Mr. Burt and Mr. Dolly's roles in the event. While staying in Amsterdam, all their needs are met for (inadvertantly and with comic consequences by the promoter) by just signing for it. When our heroes get bored of living the good life at the hotel (a debauchery combination of ganja, room service and "room service"), they hit the town. At the Bvlgar Café, they stop to eat the entire menu (consisting of multiple types of sensi and schrooms).

    The movie is pretty straight forward. It is a basic fish out of water story. Cheech and Chong are dropped in a nonsensical situation in a foreign country. The rest of the movie is a collage of day dreams and ideas (series of sketches or vignettes) for the show they want to put on for the promoter in Amsterdam. These include the following :

    Cheech and Chong are super famous celebrities.

    The last part is Cheech and Chong doing a live or live-like stand up performance at the "festival".

    Red Neck stand up and the world's oldest blue singer, Blind Melon Chitlin.

    Queer Wars.

    Con Talk.


    The Harder They Don't Come movie.

    Wrestling with Italian champion Bruno Hakoluki and his partner Ichi Scratchi.

    This movie is probably the most straight forward of all the Cheech and Chong movies. I get the impression that the team wanted to see if they could go back to their stand up/live audience roots. I still think it is a step up from Things are Tough all Over and even the Corsican Brothers. I did wish that C&C did spend more time in Amsterdam than the virtual sketch comedy. For the most part the movie is amusing and a nice distraction. I find it hard to recommend this movie for non-fans of Cheech and Chong. Based on this fact alone, I would probably rate this movie as their least successful. I would only recommend this movie for the die-hard C&C fans.
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    Still Smokin (1983): Dir: Thomas Chong / Cast: Richard "Cheech" Marin, Thomas Chong, Carol van Herwijnen, Carla van Amstel, Susan Hahn: Sequel to Up in Smoke that seems to applaud the idea that these two comics are still smoking weed, but it also indicates lack of change. It could have made due with the idea that Tommy Chong and Richard "Cheech" Marin were ridiculously mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton but unfortunately that joke is more in passing. The film consists of our dope smoking duo dreaming up worthless sketches and chasing a maid around the hotel room. Chong isn't exactly handling things well behind the camera either. As director he presents something that any student can make with a cheap camcorder. There is not a shred of artistic talent in existence here. Cheech and Chong performing these skits are about as enjoyable as jamming your fingers in the car door. We do not care about their stupid adventure unlike the appeal they did sustain in Up in Smoke. There are a few supporting players entering in and out although none of them will likely gain much praise for this. Susan Hahn enters as a hotel maid but likely realizes quickly that the one thing that needed cleaned out was the entire script. It celebrates the declining quality of Cheech and Chong films so instead of lighting a joint why not celebrate by lighting this pathetic film on fire. Score: 1 / 10
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    Buge are my comments regarding a lot of the other reviews. The people who gave it very few stars and didn't find it that funny, obviously must be either (a) very young; or (b) haven't heard Cheech & Chong's records (before they even made movies).

    The plot isn't that terrific (Cheech and Chong get mistaken for Burt Reynold's and Dolly Parton in Amsterdam). But that is not what carries the movie. What carries the movie is that they do a lot of their old skits from their records ("Hey Margaret", "Let's Make a Dope Deal"; "Blind Melon Chitlin'", etc).

    People have to remember that before "Up in Smoke" (fairly funny) and "Cheech and Chong's Next Movie" (pretty hilarious), they had put out a bunch of album's that were genuinely funny. So to see them do the skits from their old records brought back fond memories that people could do humor through vinyl (yes, they were on LP's and 8-tracks way back then).

    It also had some of the most terrific skits (like "Queer Wars" - with Luke Streetwalker and his faithful companion, Dougie) that had some of the best jokes around:

    "You just want to go to the Emperor's Ball to see that Hans Solo...... Hans Solo you don't know what their doing!!!!"

    Priceless stuff.

    I guess if some of the reviewer's heard Cheech and Chong's very early works, they might have given this movie a higher review.
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    Still Smokin (1983) was the fifth film that starred Cheech and Chong. Following their road trip film THINGS ARE TOUGH ALL OVER. This is more like a concert promo film. Many of the skits and sketches are taking from their comedy albums. The duo is in The Netherlands. They were invited to host a film festival, but the company hosting it is running out of money. The duo decides to put on a benefit show for the festival. Cheech and Chong become a huge success in Holland. Not only do they save the festival but they get to enjoy the ambiance and the delightful smoke of Amsterdam.

    A step down from their last film. Times had changed. America was more fascinated with cocaine than pot. They had lost a lot of their fan base. Some thing had to change. So with their next film the duo went into a whole new direction. A period piece that aimed at a different market and audience.

    Slightly recommended.
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    I saw this on a double bill with "Downfall." Similar films in a way.

    The idea here is that Cheech and Chong play themselves, skit comedians. That they are in Holland is incidental. The setup is there only so that they can do a stage show at the end.

    In between we have "imagined" skits. Many of them. And a few of the episodes in the story proper reference the stage. For instance Cheech wants to screw the hotel maid and is (for other reasons) disguised at ET. He hides in the closet amid stuffed animals. It was the only laugh in this whole thing.

    Yes, that's right, they have hundreds of jokes and none of them funny.

    So you need to be content (if you've been tricked into watching this) with the notions of performance about performance. Every skit has this theme. So in this movie, we'll have a stage show, or a TeeVee show or a movie, each one of which makes fun of another.

    The same notion was used in the next generation of stoner movie, "Wayne's World." Ted's Evaluation -- 1 of 3: You can find something better to do with this part of your life.
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    After seeing Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke, I thought that Still Smokin' would be just as hilarious. It turns out I was way wrong and I was very disappointed at the quality of this film. Among the awful cast, the transitions to and from dream sequences were so confusing that I wasn't sure which part was the actual film and which part was the dream sequence. Occasionally the film would make me start to laugh, but then Cheech would become some annoying character that I just wanted to slap. Cheech and Chong really let me down with this one- but I'm not too upset because there will always be Up In Smoke.
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    Cheech (Cheech Marin) and Chong (Tommy Chong) arrive in Amsterdam to attend a film festival. The organizer was actually expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. The festival funding has been stolen and nobody there knows Cheech & Chong. The guys have a wacky European adventure.

    The movie needs a McGuffin. They need to go on a road trip or something. E.T. is kinda fun but it's a rare laugh. The amateur movie bit has limitations. It's a movie struggling to find a point. For a Cheech & Chong movie in Amsterdam, it could do with a lot more smoking. It doesn't have enough which leaves the meandering pointless. The duo does fantasy skits which are rarely funny and mostly boring (unless you're doing the smoking for C&C). This may be good for fans but not many others.
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    Okay, so we start off with Cheech and Chong being mistaken for Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. They are escorted to Amsterdam too attend a film festival. Eventually, the people realize that Cheech and Chong are not Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton. The man who operates the festival is ruined and threatens to kill himself, so Cheech and Chong plan to host a "Dope-a-Thon" to set things straight.

    A simple enough plot, right? Too simple. So simple, the filmmakers had to add seemingly pointless skits and 20 minutes of Cheech and Chong concert footage to pad it out. Seriously, if you took out the random skits and concert footage, you would have a film that is about 15 minutes long. The film starts out okay, but with more and more skits as we go, it feels more like a bad episode of Mad TV, rather than an actual movie,and it all just seems weird. Now, the skits and concert footage is funny, but still awful. One can obviously tell this movie was thrown together simply to make some extra money for Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.

    The plot is so weak, they couldn't even figure out a way to film a proper ending, hence the 20 minutes of concert footage I mentioned before.

    See Up in Smoke instead.
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    Cheech and Chong head to Amsterdam after being invited to attend a film festival, but there happens to be a strange case of mistaken identity. They were expecting Burt Reynolds and Dolly Parton, but Cheech and Chong go ahead with the trip despite that of the Manager's grave concerns over the debacle. So, the duo decides they would perform a show for the festival. Where they spend their time lazing about in the hotel, checking out hot spots and dreaming up skits that they can perform.

    Oh man, how awkward and self-indulgent can this get. I loved the first three films; "Up in Smoke", "Next Movie" and "Nice Dreams". But for this outing, everything about is simply in shambles. And to think I was going to purchase it. Phew, that was a close shave! How to describe it… embarrassing and tired. As I sat there, I found it to get less funny with its forced humour that got too silly and became stale far too quickly. From watching their other films, I knew there wouldn't be much of a story with individual skits making up the feature. What we got here, is simply a bland holiday gig for the clownish, two stoners; Cheech and Chong to get up to trouble in Amsterdam and actually play themselves in some dreamed-up episodes that they could perform in their stand-up live show at the end of the film. Too bad I found it mostly boring and the support performances just make you cringe. Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin are so-so, it's just the material they have come up with, equals such lacking and disappointing results with too few successful stints of humour. Some skits go on for too long. Even the humour has even less do with drugs here, and goes for infantile cracks and beyond crude remarks and actions. Sure, I wouldn't mind it, but I didn't find all of it remotely amusing.

    It couldn't get anymore poor than this. A total drag that's straining for laughs.
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    This movie is really not worth seeing, and not even funny. A total waste of time and money. When you see it don't buy it!

    The only thing I liked was the fact that I lived in Amsterdam around 1983, and I got the feeling of my younger years back. But that still made it not worth seeing.

    The problem with this summary is that I really do not know what to tell more. It is really not even funny for a 3 year old.

    There is not much of a storyline, and the humor is awful and the movie totally boring.

    I have to enter 10 lines and I really don't know what to say anymore.
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    This sequel to "Cheech And Chong's Up In Smoke" finds the drug addled duo (Richard "Cheech" Marin, Thomas Chong) wandering into a bankrupt film festival in Amsterdam. In an effort to raise funds, the duo plan a drug sale. No better or worse than any of the duo's other films together.
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    This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!sucks! Believe in me,This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap! it's a piece of This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!crap!This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie sucks! Believe in This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!This movie sucks! Believe in me, it's a piece of crap!e of crap!
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    I think many people will disagree with me, but this film has much more funny moments than the first part. OK, so maybe the first movie had a better plot and this film is kinda pointless, but that's what's good about it, there were shown many different comical performances by Cheech & Chong, some of the were really funny. Some people say that this movie is bad, but how can the film about Cheech & Chong in Amsterdam be bad? This time there was not only drug humor (though mostly drug humor) but there was a lot of sex and other type of jokes. The drug dealing scene was very funny. Maybe as movie it isn't that good as the original, but it's definitely funnier than original.
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    C & C have delivered some very funny comedies with Next Movie, Nice Dreams and Things are tough all over (even making a funny cameo in Scorsese's After Hours). And of course made the greatest film ever about drugs with Up In Smoke. Now this is the second to least favorite Cheech and Chong movie and rightfully so. The film often goes nowhere with the two wandering about before a concert and while the skits are funny, the movie overall is a near miss. Oh well. C+
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    "Still Smokin'" is a slow starter. For the first 40 minutes nothing really happens, they just goof around in a hotel room.

    The last half of the movie isn't bad at all. There's a lot of cheap laughs and that's what this movie is all about. If you expect something as advanced as a plot, your going to be disappointed.

    If they'd just cut the first half out, it would have been the best Cheech & Chong movie...
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    I don't know what they were going for here. Were they out of good ideas or did they think this was some heavy stuff? I do know that it's not good.
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    Granted I have only seen about 5 minutes of it, The height of the jokes is that "Cheech looks like Burt Renyolds." If your going to make an ongoing joke PLEASE, please please please please PLEEEAAASE make it funny, also it wouldn't hurt to add something else in there as well, the only other joke in this is "Chong looks like Dolly Parton." Could they do more than those look-alike jokes?

    In my opinion if you want to watch a decent stoner comedy or one that is REMOTELY FUNNY then you have your choices of The Jay and Silent Bob films or your Harold and Kumar films, hell even the original Cheech and Chong movie "Up In Smoke", If you want look-alike jokes then you could make better jokes in 5 minutes about "random celebrity looks like other random celebrity". I do enjoy dumb comedy (as seen above when revealed I like Harold and Kumar) for a fact I enjoy dumber comedies than most people but this crossed the line when they couldn't stop with the same crappy joke.

    Overall: do something else other than wasting time with this, like watching the movie series' above or listen to their recordings.