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L'insegnante viene a casa (1978) HD online

L'insegnante viene a casa (1978) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy
Original Title: Lu0027insegnante viene a casa
Director: Michele Massimo Tarantini
Writers: Francesco Milizia,Michele Massimo Tarantini
Released: 1978
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Luisa De Dominicus is a Milanese piano teacher who moves to Lucca to be with the man she loves: Ferdinando 'Bonci' Marinotti, a city councilman campaigning for mayor on a platform of moral values. She is of the belief that Fernando is single, living with his ailing mother. This, of course, is far from the case.The boys living in her apartment building mistakenly believe Luisa is a call-girl who uses piano teaching as a cover for her true profession, and word soon spreads among the building's dirty old men. The resourceful boys drill a well-concealed hole in the wall between Signorina Luisa's flat and the bedroom of the landlord's son, Marcello Busatti, allowing them a spectacular view of their spectacular neighbor.Marcello quickly becomes infatuated with Luisa, but is also conflicted regarding her supposed profession. Eventually Luisa learns of Fernando's philandering nature, and after a vigorous misunderstanding, satisfies Marcello's unrequited lust/love.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Edwige Fenech Edwige Fenech - Luisa De Dominicis
Renzo Montagnani Renzo Montagnani - Ferdinando Bonci Marinotti
Alvaro Vitali Alvaro Vitali - Ottavio - Amedeo's son
Marco Gelardini Marco Gelardini - Marcello Busatti
Carlo Sposito Carlo Sposito - Colonnello Marullo
Gisella Sofio Gisella Sofio - Teresa Busatti - Marcello's mother
Clara Colosimo Clara Colosimo - Marullo's Wife
Lucio Montanaro Lucio Montanaro - Roberto - Marullo's son
Jacques Stany Jacques Stany - Ferdinando's Assistant
Gianfranco Barra Gianfranco Barra - Dottor Busatti - Marcello's father
Lino Banfi Lino Banfi - Amedeo
Ria De Simone Ria De Simone - sig.ra Bonci Marinotti
Mirella Baiocco Mirella Baiocco - Marullo's Daughter
Milly Corinaldi Milly Corinaldi - The Wife of Ferdinando's Assistant
Adriana Facchetti Adriana Facchetti - The Servant in Busatti's home

Italian censorship visa # 72671 delivered on 23-11-1978.

Luisa's theme is a disco version of Beethoven's "Für Elise". She also plays a more traditional version on the piano at one point.

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    One of the worst, but probably more typical example of the late

    Italian erotic comedies of the Seventies, which anticipate the

    American college and T&A movies of the early Eighties. This one stars the beautiful Edwige Fenech - probably the better

    actress and the most beautiful of the several starlets that have

    made this kind of movies in the period - as a music teacher, a

    piano player, involved in a farsesque relationship with an aspiring

    mayor of an Italian small town, Renzo Montagnani (a very good

    actor that was wasted in such abysmal roles), but who becomes

    the attraction of the house she has rent, before falling for the young

    son of the housekeeper. Fenech shows her breasts several times and she is involved even

    in a couple of showers (a requisite of this kind of movies), but the

    story sucks from start to finish and the jokes are so bad that they

    hurt. For Fenech's fans only (and they will get eyeful of their favorite)
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    This is the weakest of the "insegnante" (schoolteacher) series, at least of the ones featuring Edwige Fenech. (Director Tarantini did a virtual re-make of this movie a year later without the genuinely talented Renzo Montagnini and replacing the sexy and talented Fenech with the merely sexy Anna-Maria Rizzoli, which is definitely even weaker). Despite the title, Fenech here isn't really a teacher. I think she's SUPPOSED TO BE a piano teacher or something, but really she's just some sexy woman staying in a luxury hotel. She's the kept mistress of a wealthy politician (Renzo Montagnini) who neglects her(the idiot!). She is being pursued by the married manager of the hotel (Lino Banfi), the dimwitted bell-boy (Alvaro Vitali), and the manager's handsome son. They spy on her in the shower and engage in various hare-brain schemes to get in her panties, but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out who she's going to ultimately end up with.

    Obviously, the main appeal of these movies is Edwige Fenech and other various bella donnas appearing with or without all of their clothes. But I've seen a lot of these now, and they have a strange way of growing on you (not unlike some horrible fungus). They are also not all equally dreadful. It actually depends a lot on the director. Tarantini was a hack by anyone's standards and clearly inferior as a director to Marino Giralamo or Mario Laurenti, who directed several of the other "schoolteacher" films. Laurenti and Grirlamo were in turn inferior to the true masters of 70's Italian sex comedies like Pasquale Campanile Festa, Sergio Martino, and (believe it or not) Lucio Fulci.

    Montagnini and Fenech were genuinely talented actors, but this a long way from being their best work. Even buffoons like Banfi can sometimes be funny and Vitali at least tolerable in the right movie--but this definitely is not the right movie. This movie isn't entirely worthless (never underestimate the appeal of Fenech's incredible breast and beauteous backside), but it's definitely pretty close.
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    School Teacher in the House, The (1979)

    * 1/2 (out of 4)

    Third and final film in the series once again has no connection to the previous two outside the title and the star. This time out a piano teacher (Edwide Fenech) gets tired of playing the mistress to a Mayor so she moves closer to him. Various men start hitting on the teacher, which doesn't sit well with the Mayor and soon all hell breaks loose. This final film is pretty bland but I actually liked it better than the second one, although I'm sure this isn't saying too much. Once again the key to anyone watching this film is the presence of the beautiful Fenech who once again suffers through material below her. I'm really not too up to date on the history of Italian sex comedies but I'm going to guess there was some reason for her doing this film (and series). Fenech once again steals the film even though she's given very little to work with. Her nudity is the reason people are going to turn in and she's still extremely hot at this point in her career. The supporting characters are fairly bland without them giving too much to the film. Once again we get all sorts of dumb sexual jokes, which basically center on various men having the hots for Fenech. I will give the production credit for trying something new as there's very little "teaching" going on here and instead we get to see the teacher in her private life. In the end this is certainly for Fenech fans only.