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Requiem for an Amp Head's Dream (2012) HD online

Requiem for an Amp Head's Dream (2012) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Requiem for an Amp Headu0027s Dream
Director: Emma Earnest,Stefan Gural
Writers: Stefan Gural,Connor Smith
Released: 2012
Video type: Movie
Emma gets more than she bargained for.
Credited cast:
Emma Earnest Emma Earnest
Stefan Gural Stefan Gural
Anthony Newen Anthony Newen - (as Tony Newen)
Connor Smith Connor Smith

Taft Avenue's second short film.

Based upon a dream that Connor Smith had.

Amp Head - slang for an individual who uses LSD.

Alternate titles for the project included: Amp Heads, Requiem for a Nightmare, Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles, and Requiem for the Fear and Loathing of an Amp Head's Nightmare in Los Angeles.

This short film was created out of a friendly filmmaking competition between Taft Avenue and R.J. Haynes and Garrett Johnson of SSP Films to motivate both groups to make a short film. The goal: conceive, write, and shoot a short film based on a given random word. The random word given was "SWERVE." Both Taft Avenue and SSP Films made separate shorts based on the word "swerve" and premiered them two weeks later. Requiem for an Amp Head's Dream (2012) is Taft Avenue's end result.

Stefan Gural was originally scripted to pull up a severed arm and begin to gnaw on it when Emma Earnest came into the room. However, the required prop could not be acquired in time, so the scene was changed to Stefan eating from his own arm instead.