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Jack Benny's Bag (1968) HD online

Jack Benny's Bag (1968) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Comedy / Music
Original Title: Jack Bennyu0027s Bag
Director: Norman Abbott
Writers: Earl Brown,Bob Fisher
Released: 1968
Duration: 1h
Video type: Creative Work
Highlights include an extended parody of "The Graduate" with Benny and Diller.
Cast overview:
Jack Benny Jack Benny - Himself
Phyllis Diller Phyllis Diller - Herself
Lou Rawls Lou Rawls - Himself
Dick Clark Dick Clark - Himself
Eddie Fisher Eddie Fisher - Himself
Jack Lemmon Jack Lemmon - Himself
Walter Matthau Walter Matthau - Himself
Dick Martin Dick Martin - Himself
Dan Rowan Dan Rowan - Himself
Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson Eddie 'Rochester' Anderson - Himself

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    I remember seeing this when it was broadcast (How else could you even know of its existence, except to scan way down on his IMDb list?). Not surprisingly, it was hilarious. Jack was trying to be hip by using the term 'bag' in the title. It was '68 and even the old-timers had sideburns, but Benny remained one of the most endearing entertainers ever. You could always rely on him and his gang. I bet these latter day TV specials in his career would hold up pretty well, and would probably be funnier than when they first came out. The TV Special or Variety formula was basically vaudevillian, which is where these guys learned their trade. I can't remember the content really, but it doesn't matter. Enjoyable entertainment always resulted.