» » La ley del revólver Stage Hold-Up (1955–1975)

La ley del revólver Stage Hold-Up (1955–1975) HD online

La ley del revólver Stage Hold-Up (1955–1975) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Western
Original Title: Stage Hold-Up
Director: Ted Post
Writers: Les Crutchfield,John Meston
Released: 1955–1975
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Episode
A stagecoach on which Matt and Chester are riding is robbed and another passenger is murdered. Matt utilizes a ruse to incriminate the thieves when a "cowboy" appears and offers to show him where one of the thieves may be buried.
Episode cast overview:
James Arness James Arness - Matt Dillon
Dennis Weaver Dennis Weaver - Chester
Milburn Stone Milburn Stone - Doc
Amanda Blake Amanda Blake - Kitty
John Anderson John Anderson - Yermo
Charles Aidman Charles Aidman - Verd
Sandy Kenyon Sandy Kenyon - Green
Robert Brubaker Robert Brubaker - Jim Buck
Bob Morgan Bob Morgan - Charley

Reviews: [4]

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    Average episode at best. Matt and Chester are part of a stage holdup in which a passenger is killed and one of the two masked bandits is wounded while a third hides out in the bushes. The three highwaymen ride off with the bags of gold for which the stage company subsequently offers a reward. Later, Matt thinks he recognizes one of the bandits in town, but how will he prove it, and how will he get the other two culprits and the company's gold.

    Unfortunately the screenplay (Les Crutchfield) generates little suspense while the climactic final scene is neither well-staged nor very plausible. Too bad, the entry largely wastes the gaunt talents of veteran character-actor John Anderson as Yermo.

    On the other hand, there is some good byplay with Chester. But he also bungles his assignment, which he often does during these early episodes. Nonetheless, that's also part of his unusual appeal. The audience, and Dillon too, are willing to overlook the failings because of his many endearing qualities. But it's not just the personal charm of naturalness or naive simplicity that wins us over. Chester also possesses two of the most important qualities any soldier-grunt or deputy can have-- he's loyal and steadfast no matter how difficult the circumstance. Matt appreciates this and counts on it. The audience knows it too. In fact, the slow-talking, backwoods innocent Chester Goode amounts to one of the finest, most unique character creations in the annals of American TV.
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    Another typical western show that involves a stagecoach robbery and someone getting too scared. All that action brings the show to a regular ending with Marshal Dillon getting the job done at any cost.

    When a stage, that Matt and Chester is on, gets robbed Matt bides his time until he gets a break in the case. One afternoon Matt overhears a man, Yermo, talking with Doc Adams about needing some medicine for an injured man. Since one of the three robbers was shot during the robbery, Matt believes the voice of Yermo, and the fact he needed medicine for an injured man, places him as a suspect. Matt has Yermo followed but cannot get another break in the investigation.

    In comes another man, Bert Verd, that tells Matt he has found a dead man on the prairie that turns out to be one of the robbers. But Matt suspects something is up when Verd knows just a little too much about the robbery. Marshal sets up a trap to catch the people involved.

    Nothing really remarkable about the episode but one that was interesting the entire time. Character actor John Anderson is again nicely cast as a mistrusting cowboy that tried to stay a step ahead of the law. A pleasant show that is grounded in western theme. Nice watch.
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    The episode starts off good enough, Matt on Boot Hill, which I never tire of hearing his thoughts and then the stage coach he is on gets held up. The passenger, who's perfect for Chester because never stops talking, tries to quick draw on one of the robbers but gets killed. Dillon's quick thinking saves his, Chester, and the statgecoach driver's life. But who buried the passenger?

    Then we find out how dumb the robbers are. Instead of leaving far away from the robbery, they camp right outside of Dodge (even though they knew that Marshall Dillon was on the statgecoach). The one robber goes into Dodge asking Doc for help of his partner who cut his arm on wire (actually shot by the passenger). Then the other robber makes himself clearly known not by stating he saw a dead body, but saying he saw some digging which conveniently the gold was located (right after Dillon told him there was an extra $1000 reward for finding the gold).

    The dumbness goes on and Dillon clearly sees they are the robbers. What Dillon said comically was that he didn't have enough evidence. Really? Anyway, Dillon gets his 66th confirmed kill on the show in a lame shootout.
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    I liked it, in spite of the fact that Matt spotted Jermo right off because of his voice (and it WAS distinctive). Verd was your typical idiot who could have easily collected his $1,000 and got out of Dodge, if he hadn't been so stupid. I guess he never heard the adage "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush".

    Matt inadvertently caused the third robber's death by having the dingbat Chester follow Jermo around; maybe. I don't think Jermo ever intended to save his friend. Just wait it out and go back later. Then the third guy comes in to say he'd found a dead man, and greed takes over. I mean; he says that he saw a guy who was almost dead digging a hole to bury the holdup loot? THAT constitutes stupidity. He deserved his fate, and I'll bet Matt got a little extra bonus from the Stageline and the reward money that was going to Verd, too. I've said this type of thing before, and I'll stand by it. I know if I was managing the gold shipments or Stageline, I would make sure I got a bonus to Matt. Plus, there's no doubt that Matt was entitled to the property of the dead men, after burial.