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I koilia tis melissas (2001) HD online

I koilia tis melissas (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
Original Title: I koilia tis melissas
Director: Vassilis Eleftheriou
Writers: Vassilis Eleftheriou
Released: 2001
Budget: GRD 211,000,000
Duration: 1h 35min
Video type: Movie
The mythical treasure of the Romanovs, complete with the largest black diamonds in the world and the famous tiara with the diamond bee that belonged to Catherine the Great, is traveling secretly through the country, its destination unknown. However, a series of mysterious coincidences postpone the journey. The jewels disappear, and the treasure hunt begins. Three ordinary people, a security guard, a desperado and the head of a children's camp will be confronted by the "Diamond curse". The roles of hunter and hunted will become confused in ways both tragic and comical, as the Other Dimension of the Eternal proceeds to enter into Reality. A hilarious comedy, a madcap nightmare, where everything is like a game and a fairy tale, the solution arriving fortuitously from the realm of the fantastic...
Credited cast:
Sotiria Leonardou Sotiria Leonardou - Afroula Delakovia
Vangelis Mourikis Vangelis Mourikis - Desperado
Kostas Tzouvaras Kostas Tzouvaras
Eleftheria Domenikou Eleftheria Domenikou - Girlfriend
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Nicos Arvanitis Nicos Arvanitis
Marilita Lambropoulou Marilita Lambropoulou

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    One of the best Greek movies ever made although completely unknown to the public. Watching TV late on o slow summer night i stumbled across this movie and decided to see it cause there was absolutely nothing else to see. What would i have missed... The movie is about a small time crook traveling through Greece with a (stolen) car when he sees security car crashing on a tree. Inside there is valuable necklace called "the Belly of the Bee" (i koilia tis melissas). He decides to keep it and then his trouble begin. He also crashes his car and ends up in an abandoned camp site with a lonely teacher and a disoriented security guard. Apparently the necklace is somehow cursed and they all get delusional not fully understanding where they are or do. The plot is very simple but the beauty of the movie is on its humor. Its surreal original and innovative, especially for a Greek movie. i totally recommend it for someone who likes movies like the Monty pythons or similar.