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A Tale of Two Thieves (2014) HD online

A Tale of Two Thieves (2014) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Documentary
Original Title: A Tale of Two Thieves
Director: Chris Long
Writers: Erin Donovan
Released: 2014
Duration: 1h 12min
Video type: Movie
In 1963 in the countryside in England, fifteen men pulled off 'The Great Train Robbery' netting today's equivalent of $85million. This incredible film features Gordon Goody, one of the instigators of the crime, for the first time ever, revealing the identity of the missing mastermind behind Britain's most famous heist- the elusive and mysterious 'Ulsterman'.


Credited cast:
Ariel Bruce Ariel Bruce - Herself
Gordon Goody Gordon Goody - Himself
Harry Macqueen Harry Macqueen - Gordon Goody

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    I love movies and documentaries. This documentary covers the Great Train Robbery of 1963. Often documentaries are interesting, provocative or inspiring. This one isn't. As one critic points out, this documentary is uninteresting and forced. It relies on the narration of one man, Gordon Goody, one of the fifteen train robbers, was considered the mastermind and sentences for 30 years but released after 12 years. He was the fortunate one as most of the gang met bad luck and lost their share of the £2.6 million loot. Goody recovered his share after his sentence and presently lives in Spain.

    Perhaps because Goody gives a flat, talky narration, the director was smart enough to provide for an extra: a youthful version of Goody as a young robber who also interjects and relives the robbery and scenes. That adds to drama and reenactment of scenes. A private investigator is set into work finding the missing and mysterious "Ulsterman" the unknown member of the gang.

    The only other reviewer here gives a 10/10 but that person never saw the documentary. The CineVue critic (see critics) gives a more accurate review: uninteresting and forced. I concur and this film never really succeeds in capturing the drama. In addition, the mysterious "Ulsterman" is never brought up until halfway into the film and a good reenactment and description of the robbery never occurs. Instead we are relegated to listening to Gordon talk and talk and talk.

    If the film is to improve, I would suggest reenacting the drama without narrative for about 30 minutes. Then flash forward to 50 years later and have Goody talk about what happened since and the search for the Ulsterman. Reliving the drama without interruption would properly set the stage for the present day. Instead, we hop back and forth and listen to zzzzzz. It's easy to lose interest in this film but it's great for background noise late at night if you want some sleep.

    It's one of the weaker documentaries around. Just not worth watching. In fact, wikipedia's description of the robbery and what happened to the gang is far more interesting and informative. So just spend 10-15 minutes reading that and you are all set with the Great Train Robbery. Actual rating = 3.7-4.2 (or ranks among bottom 10% of documentaries) based on average of 5.5- 6.0
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    Really enjoyed this documentary-- especially the tone, which seemed to underline the period, the heist/caper aspects to the story, as well as Gordon Goody's light touch as he recounts some pretty dark events from his life. As well, the idea that the truth behind a 50 year old cold case (the infamous 'Ulsterman' identity) was finally revealed, makes it unique amongst the many documentaries--not to mention dramatizations- that have covered this story over the years.

    Can't say I agree with the one critic review posted here. Just browsing around I found at least 4 others from more credible sources:

    The Smithsonian: The Big Mystery Behind the Great Train Robbery May Finally Have Been Solved" by Carrie Hagen.

    The Guardian: "The Quiet Train Robber Reveals Identity of the Gang's Mystery Insider" by Tracy McVeigh

    Radio Times: A Tale of Two Thieves - Reviewed by David Parkinson

    UK Film News: The Great Train Robbery: A Tale of Two Thieves - Review by Nick Hardy
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    greed style

    This is the story that I have been waiting to see and hear for many years, Over the past Fifty years we have had Great Train Robbery Films and Docudramas such as: Robbery (1965), The Great Paperchase (1978), Buster (1988), Mrs Biggs (2012), The Robbers Tale (2013) & The Coppers Tale (2013) as well as numerous TV documentaries such as 'I was a Great Train Robber' and 'Charmian Biggs Australian Story' But NONE have told the secret story that we are going to witness in 'A Tale of Two Thieves'

    Gordon Goody was a Great Train Robber and he is still alive today living in Mojacar, Southern Spain, He was and is in many ways the Mastermind of the infamous Great Train Robbery of 8th August, 1963, His story really is one worth listening to, because of all the robbers, dead or alive, He is the only one who knows this story.

    Great Production and Directing Team on this one, cannot fail to be a Nationwide success, and i for one cannot wait ........

    Mike Gray Author- The Great Train Robbery Quiz Book Author- 101 Interesting Facts on Ronnie Biggs & The Great Train Robbery Author- Ronnie Biggs The Inside Story Author- The Ronnie Biggs Quiz Book.