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Finnegan's Initiation (1909) HD online

Finnegan's Initiation (1909) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Finneganu0027s Initiation
Released: 1909
Video type: Movie
Mike Finnigan is delighted when he is elected to membership in The Midnight Knights of Erin, and so is Nora, but when a committee from Skidoo Lodge, No. 23, call for their prospective victim and weep as Mike kisses Nora what may be his good-bye, she begins to have her doubts. Mike is too much elated to think of anything until he arrives at the hall and the members thoughtfully measure him for his coffin. Then he begins to wonder, but not for long, for he is put through a series of most remarkable experiences, each one funnier than the last, unless you happen to be the person undergoing the initiation, until poor Finnigan makes his escape, and in the absurd garb of a candidate makes his way down the streets to his home. There his courage returns and he starts to show Nora how it all happened. It does not suit Nora's fancy at all, and instead of taking the initiation she takes the skillet and gives Finnigan a second initiation that lacks the fancy trimmings of the first but which is ...

Released as a split reel along with Martyr or Crank? (1909).