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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy
Original Title: Tenshi ni narumon
Video type: TV Series
Yuusuke as a shy, unassuming high school student whose father has gone abroad and left him alone at home for the first time in his life. He doesn't suspect how much his life is going to change -- on his way to school he stumbles upon a naked girl, with a halo over her head, sleeping in the forest. She wakes up and proclaims that he's her husband. He runs away but can't escape -- she's the new student in his class, and her family of Munster look-a-likes have moved into his house. After overhearing him declare to his unresponsive crush that she's like an angel to him, Noelle (the girl with the halo) declares that she's going to become an angel for her Yuusuke. There's a villain in the underworld who wants to make sure she never becomes an angel -- she has the halo and just needs to sprout the wings -- but the villain's agenda is not revealed until later in the series. Sugary-cute and excessively pink, the series starts of extremely cute but becomes darker and more twisted at the end.
Series cast summary:
Steve Blum Steve Blum - Yuusuke 13 episodes
Jodi Fleisher Jodi Fleisher - Natsumi 6 episodes

Reviews: [4]

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    Throw her heart

    Tenshi ni Narumon, while most definitely off the wall, is a wonderful series. The animation is absolutely gorgeous, the plot is creative and well-constructed and executed, the characters are lovably quirky, and the music goes right along with everything. Almost every episode is a laugh riot, but touching at the same time. Like nothing I've ever seen.
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    This show is probably one of the most hilarious shows I have ever seen in my entire life. Tenshi Ni Narumon, not yet released in the US, is a show about a and boy named Yuuske who is biking to school when he finds a girl on the side of the road. When he trips and accidently kisses the girl, she wakes up and starts calling him husband(Her name is Noelle by the way). Trying to avoid her for the rest of the day, Yuuske goes back home, and to his horror, her whole family had moved in, all who slightly resemble those of the Munsters. This show is basically about Noelle wanting to please Yuuske as much as she can and her dream to become an angel. It's really wacked out, so you have to watch it to understand. I highly recommend this anime to everyone!
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    At first, I thought that this anime was a magical-girl series, but it turned out to be something completely different to what I was expecting. And it was something much better too.

    "I'm Gonna Be an Angel!" it's a highly enjoyable anime series which combines perfectly well slice of life elements with plenty of magical and fantasy stuff, in a charming story that is both strange and cute at the same time.

    The animation from this series is pretty good, with stylish and colorful designs, fitting very well with the light-hearted tone of the plot. The music is catchy; the characters are likable and interesting, having each one of them a fascinating quality that makes this show to work incredibly well.

    "I'm Gonna Be an Angel!" is a nice and underrated anime series which deserves way more appreciation and recognition that it receives.
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    Tenshi Ni Narumon is a stunning series between it's humor, music and animation. The story is primarily a lighthearted and oddly funny one but it does take twists and turns which you may not expect. It is best to keep an open mind, because even for an anime it can fall into the unusual category, but what makes it odd also makes it a refreshing change from your every day anime.

    If you enjoyed the art and music of Shamanic Princess then you will enjoy Tenshi Ni Narumon. Both are series that I recommend and are often misunderstood animes.

    In order to fully understand Tenshi Ni Narumon it is best to watch the entire anime, try not to ditch it after the first few episodes because people who have generally are the ones who misunderstand it.