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Hófehér (1984) HD online

Hófehér (1984) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Comedy / Fantasy
Original Title: Hófehér
Director: József Nepp
Writers: József Nepp
Released: 1984
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
A farcical retelling of Snow White. Disillusioned Snow White isn't all that pretty or cute, her friends dwarfs aren't all that hospitable, her evil stepmother is an alcoholic and prince charming likes the ladies too much.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Ferenc Kállai Ferenc Kállai - Utolsó (Oroszlánszagú) Leó / Vasárnap (voice)
János Körmendi János Körmendi - Tutegál professzor / Szombat (voice)
Ilona Béres Ilona Béres - Arrogancia késöbb: I. (Egetverö) Arrogancia (voice)
Judit Halász Judit Halász - Hófehér (voice)
István Sztankay István Sztankay - Szatiro, a vadász / Szerda (voice)
Gyula Szombathy Gyula Szombathy - Alfonz herceg / Hétfö (voice)
Péter Haumann Péter Haumann - Udvarmester / Péntek (voice)
Gyula Bodrogi Gyula Bodrogi - Szakács / Csütörtök (voice)
László Vajda László Vajda - Kovács / Kedd (voice)
Nóra Tábori Nóra Tábori - Rezonancia, az egyik pletykás cseléd (voice)
Józsa Hacser Józsa Hacser - Prevencia, a másik pletykás cseléd (voice)
Zsuzsa Bánki Zsuzsa Bánki - Lady Konstans Fridzsider királyné (beceneve: Fridzsi) (voice)
Péter Balázs Péter Balázs - Hóhér (voice)
László Csurka László Csurka - Zsoldos (voice)
Tibor Kristóf Tibor Kristóf - Futár (voice)

Reviews: [3]

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    High ratings from a small number of voters – so this must be an obscurity with something of a cult status, right? Actually, "Hofeher" is far from being an obscurity here in Hungary, where it was made some 20+ years ago. It's one of the best films produced by the once-strong domestic animation industry (all but extinct now – thanks, capitalism), and it's still very popular due to its excellent black & dry humor, a trademark for director Jozsef Nepp. The story recounts the tale of Snow White from an extremely disillusioned point of view, which results in heaps of caustic gags and impossibly funny lines. (What's your name, darling? – asks the king, supposedly in mourning. –Be it whatever you wish, Majesty – purrs the lady-in-waiting. –That's a bit long. I'll call you "Be" instead.) In fact, "Hofeher" may be one of the most quotable movies ever – if only you knew it. There isn't one truly likable character here: everybody displays some vice or weird obsession, such as egoism, snobbery or an over-developed taste for the company of hens. At one point you'll even find hard not to hate the lead character, obese albino butchgirl full of good intentions but dumb to the point of danger to herself, Hofeher (=Snowhite), a victim of general indifference and heartlessness around her. The dwarfs who give her shelter (not quite voluntarily) are named after the days of the week, and are tiny doppelgängers of those who expelled her from her native castle. Her stepmother – cornice poles fall on her head, when she furiously draws the curtains in classic Disney manner – becomes unexpectedly human when she declares, in full deforced political power, an intention to become alcoholic. With all of its acerbity, the movie packs an emotional punch. You can't help feeling a lump in your throat while watching the most obviously phoney happy-end of all times.
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    No matter how many fairy-tale travesties have you seen through your life, you just cannot be totally ready for this twisted animated-movie:) The story starts in a typical fairytale-world, where if you're a queen of some sort, stabbing needles into your finger, while sewing, is the traditional way, to get pregnant... The wife of King Leo Lionstench are about to give birth to a girl with hair white as snow, and eyes red as blood... but she dies. Still, the child has born, with the help of the evil court magician, whose only joy is when he gets a kiss on his elbow. Afterwards the king marries his evil maid of honor, who stuffs him to death with chicken sausage, and throws snow-white out of the castle... and its just the start of this one+half hour long concentrated madness... I haven't even mentioned the skinny, and almost blind hunter, and the ultra-neat dwarf community.:)
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    As a kid, this cartoon really frightened me. I just couldn't understand, how an animated movie can be so bizarre and different. Didn't like it at all. About 17-18 years later, I watched it again, and I thought, from an adults prospective, this will have a different effect on me.

    Well, I still find it pretty disturbing... Of course, I understood much more of its humour and bizarre world, but I do believe, this is a really overrated movie. Can't believe why it has such a cult-status over here.

    The story itsself is kinda lame, and boring. Nothing really happens, no gag-fireworks. Also the parody factor isn't really worth mentioning.

    If you want to see something different from the old Disney movies, check this out, but it's not as a big deal, as promised