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Goliath La Mano (2016– ) HD online

Goliath La Mano (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Drama
Original Title: La Mano
Director: Lawrence Trilling
Writers: Ben Myer,David E. Kelley
Released: 2016–
Duration: 50min
Video type: TV Episode
Billy McBride is reluctantly pulled back into criminal defense when his friend's 16- year-old son is arrested for a double murder.
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Billy Bob Thornton Billy Bob Thornton - Billy McBride
Ana de la Reguera Ana de la Reguera - Marisol Silva
Tania Raymonde Tania Raymonde - Brittany Gold
Diana Hopper Diana Hopper - Denise McBride
Matthew Del Negro Matthew Del Negro - Danny Loomis
Mark Duplass Mark Duplass - Tom Wyatt
Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Manuel Garcia-Rulfo - Gabriel Ortega
Lou Diamond Phillips Lou Diamond Phillips - Oscar Suarez
Diego Josef Diego Josef - Julio Suarez
Dominic Fumusa Dominic Fumusa - Detective Keith Roman
Julie Brister Julie Brister - Marva Jefferson
Zachary James Rukavina Zachary James Rukavina - Miguel
Frankie Ingrassia Frankie Ingrassia - Frankie
Toni Torres Toni Torres - Elena Morales
Andrew Steven Hernandez Andrew Steven Hernandez - Roberto (as Andrew Hernandez)

'North by Northwest' gave the writers and producers a lot of inspiration for season 2 of Goliath. The scene where Billy is watching a clip from the movie is the first Easter egg hidden throughout the season.

The house used for filming the DEA raid was a major location in the movie 'Training Day.'

Opening in 1959, Chez Jay became the social crossroads of a cultural revolution that has impacted movies, television, music, art and politics, amongst many other things. In recognition of its importance, Chez Jay was declared a Santa Monica Historic Landmark in 2012.

The first season of Goliath felt like it was really ingrained in Venice and the West Side of Los Angeles, and the producers made a conscious decision for the second season to encompass more of LA as a whole. One way of doing that was creating Marisol Silva's character, who was from the East Side, which enabled them to explore more locations and culture on that side of town.

With the DEA raid in the first episode, the drone was meticulously used to set up the story that was about to unfold, enabling the drones to tell more of a story from their perspective.

Sal Lucio, the police tech advisor, is the officer that speaks at the end of the DEA raid in the first episode of the season. Aside from making the cameo, he advises the writers and producers on any police interactions and crime scene situations in the show.

Andy Graham was responsible for the beautiful execution of the one-shot through the DEA raid in episode 1 of Goliath season 2. The entire shot was done handheld without the use of a Steadicam.

The famed Lou Diamond Phillips is an actor best known for his roles in 'La Bamba,' (1987), 'Stand and Deliver' (1988), 'Courage Under Fire' (1996), and 'The Big Hit' (1998).

Sometimes the writers and producers of Goliath would have the notion of a character in mind, but costume designer Lindy McMichael would really bring the character to life through wardrobe.

Reviews: [8]

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    Mysterious Wrench

    This show is shot well, directed well, the dialogue is gruffy and believable, but the pace is a bit slow. Not so slow that you doze off, but it feels like they take too long to get into the plot.

    But we've already become hooked to the story this season and the death at the end was not something I saw coming. Bravo for offing someone in episode one, and not later on like most shows predictably do.
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    Five episodes in and this second season is better than the first to already. It fast pace and loaded with a thick plot.
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    That is so unbelievable there's no way she would hook up with that old guy
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    Billy has hit the skids even though he has millions of dollars. The death of his partner has torn him apart. Once again he is drinking. In Episode 1 he is introduced to the case of a young man, accused of murder. He does everything to avoid getting involved. He seems terrified of getting into another case. But his friend from the bar tells him of the arrest of his son. It is obvious he is innocent. Enter a beautiful female mayoral candidate who is also convinced of the young man's innocence. But there are forces at work. Probably because a raid on a drug house results in several deaths (of unarmed men). The episode concludes with the one thing that will pull Billy into the courtroom. This looks like a fun ride.
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    In this opening episode, Billy is still residing in the dowdy Ocean Lodge Motel, and he's still drinking. His is now approached by Oscar, the kind waiter at the local watering hole whose son has been falsely accused of murder as gang retaliation for the deaths of Oscar's two oldest sons. Billy feels that he cannot take the case, clearly due to his nerves and his drug and drinking addictions.

    Of course, Billy will be drawn into helping his friend and the young man who was once befriended by the mayoral candidate, Marisol Silva. Detective Keith Roman shows Billy the evidence, but the quick-thinking lawyer decides to film the angle from which the key eyewitness identified Julio. The house where the murder was committed is clearly too far away to make a positive identification.

    The cops are clearly into the framing of young Julio, as Detective Roman has received a large cash payoff in a locker. Another hint is that of the missing part of a finger of a waiter at the restaurant where Marisol is dining. The overly inquisitive PR man for Marisol inappropriately asks about the finger.

    As Oscar is ready to give his affidavit, he is murdered in cold blood on the streets of L.A. Fortunately, Bill has already taken Oscar's statement as the principal alibi for Julio.
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    It is sometimes difficult moving from one plot or case here into another. It takes something called "development" which a lot of folks in this digital age do not know since photos no longer take a nano-second to develop. This episode spends a few minutes going over the excellent first season. It is time well spent. You need to know what happened then in order to even start to understand Billy's character, and the relationship with his daughter, and others in his life.

    This sets up a second season that can be promising and then we get into the very basic elements of Billy's next case. Billy finally gets a new car though the beat up Red Mustang convertible seems to be fixed too. The question here is can winning a case and getting millions of dollars and paying off all the debts Billy owes actually give him peace and happiness?

    Once he gets dragged feet first into this new case, we find the answer is no, not really. As we go on into this season, we will find out if Billys life is really like an onion, peeling of his raw emotions one layer at a time?
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    This is regarding season 2, episode 1

    Mr Thornton is still good but the production design, directing and screenplay is sloppy and contains way too many cliches.

    A tip for season three: try again, only right this time... :-)
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    Really enjoyed Season One, but Season Two is pathetic. Wouldn't watch past the second episode. Overplayed, inconsistent, trite, dribble..... And what's with the excessive use of tobacco? Everyone, it seems, was smoking cigarettes. A lot of cigarettes.