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De reis van ons leven  HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Series / Adventure / Reality TV
Original Title: De reis van ons leven
Duration: 35min
Video type: TV Series
In this reality TV format, a group of healthy, otherwise not connected candidates from the Flemish public at large embarks together on an adventurous journey to an exotic, rough off-track region, such as a tropical rain-forest. There they must practice survival and make headway in physically and mentally demanding circumstances, of the type more fit for commando training then tourism, but it's precisely this testing confrontation with the elements (difficult terrain, disease, parasites, lack of all modern conveniences) and their own limits which they seek, in order to experience, as the Dutch title suggests, 'the voyage of our lives'.
Credited cast:
Anneke Anneke - Herself
Brigitte Brigitte - Herself
Cynthia Cynthia - Herself
Dirk Dirk - Himself
Gert Gert - Himself
Harry Harry - Himself
Hilde Hilde - Herself
Johny Johny - Himself
Jos Jos - Himself
Luc Luc - Himself
Marianne Marianne - Herself
Marleen Marleen - Herself
Philippe Philippe - Himself