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Firefighter F.D.18 (2004) HD online

Firefighter F.D.18 (2004) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Action / Drama / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Firefighter F.D.18
Director: Tatsuma Minami
Writers: Megumi Tachikawa
Released: 2004
Video type: Video Game
When the fire broke out in the Tunnel of interstate 42, the firefighters along with Dean McGregor came to bring the situation under control by putting out the fires and rescuing all trapped survivors. When they found one of the survivors Senator Harris Blackwell, they rescued him. Just when Dean and the firefighters' situation in the Tunnel was taken care of, another fire broke out in the Laboratory building. Dean, who is extremely disturbed and haunted by his tragic past must come along with the other firefighters to rescue the survivors and put out the fire in the Laboratory building. Just upon reaching the area where another survivor Paul Murphy was, the bridge he was standing on both had the path destroyed, leaving him stranded and at the same time, Dean was able to put out the fire in the bridge area. However, Dean tries to rescue Paul Murphy, but Paul Murphy was badly burnt and the bridge collapse taking Paul Murphy's corpse with him into the pit. Disturbed and full of guilt, ...
Cast overview:
Eric Kelso Eric Kelso - Dean McGregor (voice) (as Erick Kelso)
Rumiko Varnes Rumiko Varnes - Emilie Arvin (voice)
Christian Storms Christian Storms - Jason Hunt (voice) (as Cristian Storms)
Charles Glover Charles Glover - Richard Grace (voice)
Michael Naishtut Michael Naishtut - Craig Andrews (voice)
Chris Wells Chris Wells - Harris Blackwell (voice) (as Cris Wells)
Dennis Falt Dennis Falt - Paul Murphy (voice)

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    STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

    A fire has broken out under a tunnel in the seaside town of Port Serena.As Dean McGregor (Erick Kelso),a firefighter called out to the scene,you must fight your way through flames,smoke and crashing rubble to save people lying on the floor inhaling smoke with the assistance of a hosepipe or axe.

    This was a game that I happened to catch off chance.I was torn between it and the new James Bond game Everything or Nothing.I decided to go with this as EON was the more prominent game and something told me I would have more chance of being able to get that out next time as opposed to this (besides,I have a demo of EON at home that I haven't played yet anyway!)

    It's certainly an enjoyable,original game,even though there's certainly not much energetic clicking and clacking of the joypad involved.Instead,you merely need to press the O button (on a Play Station 2) in order to perform the function at hand.Without requiring you to do much,this game manages to hold your attention quite admirably.The soundtrack is very good too,a lovely score that fits the tone of the game quite well.

    The graphics are adequate,though not particularly impressive.However,the game certainly gives you the impression of being a real firefighter.For this,Konami,and you,should you come across it and choose to rent it,have come on to something of a winner.***