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WCW Slamboree 1993 (1993) HD online

WCW Slamboree 1993 (1993) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Action / Sport
Original Title: WCW Slamboree 1993
Director: Craig Leathers
Released: 1993
Duration: 3h
Video type: Creative Work
Credited cast:
Terry Allen Terry Allen - Magnum T.A.
Arn Anderson Arn Anderson - Arn Anderson
Ole Anderson Ole Anderson - Himself
Randy Anderson Randy Anderson - Randy Anderson - Referee
Steve Austin Steve Austin - 'Stunning' Steve Austin
Marcus Bagwell Marcus Bagwell - Marcus Alexander Bagwell
Ox Baker Ox Baker - Himself
Rolland Bastien Rolland Bastien - Red Bastien
Chris Benoit Chris Benoit - Chris Benoit
Eric Bischoff Eric Bischoff - Eric Bischoff
Richard Blood Richard Blood - Ricky Steamboat (as Los Dos Hombres)
Nick Bockwinkel Nick Bockwinkel - Himself
Steve Borden Steve Borden - Sting
Jim Brunzell Jim Brunzell - Himself
Gary Michael Cappetta Gary Michael Cappetta - Himself

Larry Zbyszko (Larry Whistler) replaced Jesse Ventura on commentary, since Ventura had been hospitalized with blood clots in his legs.

First WCW PPV appearance for Sid Vicious (Sid Eudy) since WCW SuperBrawl I (1991).

Only WCW PPV appearance for The Prisoner (Kevin Wacholz), who replaced Scott Norton as Sting's (Steve Borden) opponent. He was billed from Green Bay, WI because that was where he had attacked Vince McMahon at a WWE Superstars (2009) taping while he was working there as Nailz.

Brad Armstrong (Brad James) replaced his father Bob Armstrong (Joseph James) as Thunderbolt Patterson's (Claude Patterson) partner against Ivan Koloff and Baron Von Raschke (James Raschke).

Ice Train (Harold Hogue) was one of the enhancement wrestlers who carried out The Fabulous Moolah (Lillian Ellison).

Final WCW PPV appearance for Van Hammer (Mark Hildreth) until WCW World War 3 (1997)

Final WCW PPV appearance for Chris Benoit until WCW World War 3 (1995), aside from a one-off appearance at Collision in Korea (1995) that same year.

First WCW PPV appearance for Col. Robert Parker (Robert Welch)

Only WCW PPV appearances for Don Muraco, Jimmy Snuka and Jim Brunzell. It was also the only-ever PPV matches for Blackjack Mulligan (Bob Windham), Thunderbolt Patterson (Claude Patterson), Baron Von Raschke (James Raschke), and Nick Bockwinkel. In Brunzell's case, it was his last PPV match ever. Bockwinkel would later have an on-screen role as WCW Commissioner. It was also Bockwinkel's last match ever.

First WCW PPV appearance for Dick Murdoch since WCW the Great American Bash (1991), and his final one until WCW Slamboree: A Legends' Reunion (1995).

Final WCW PPV appearance for Kensuke Sasaki until WCW World War 3 (1995).

This was the first PPV in the U.S. to feature Davey Boy Smith in the main event.

First WCW PPV appearance for "Pretty" Paul Roma (Paul Centopani), who made his surprise debut as the newest member of the Four Horsemen during Ric Flair's "A Flair for the Gold" segment here. In Flair's book "To Be The Man," he said that when he announced Roma as the newest Horseman, he was thinking, "Here's Dusty (Dusty Rhodes) screwing with me again." Roma being a Horseman made no sense, since he was a former WWE guy who had never accomplished anything.

Shane Douglas had left WCW earlier that month and Brad Armstrong had been Ricky Steamboat's (Richard Blood) original partner as Los Dos Hombres and was in fact standing next to Steamboat in the pre-match interview here, even though Tom Zenk was actually Steamboat's partner here.