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Caught in His Own Trap (1909) HD online

Caught in His Own Trap (1909) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Comedy
Original Title: Caught in His Own Trap
Released: 1909
Video type: Movie
This is a good comedy with a subject capable of imparting a little lesson to the egotist, who judges others by himself, and whose assumed righteous indignation wilts like a leaf without water when the trap which he sets for another catches himself and shows up his small character in its true aspect. The man in question has a very pretty daughter, and his private secretary, who is a clever youth, is madly in love with the charming maiden. The young couple, although being warned many times that they must cease their attentions to one another, never miss the opportunity to have a little chat, and incidentally steal a few kisses when the harsh old man is not about. They have many narrow escapes in their love-making, but always manage to cover their tracks by being very busy with other matters when the old fellow puts in his appearance. The latter is contemplating an extended trip, but before leaving, he decides upon a scheme whereby he will be able to learn if there are any love scenes ...

Original French title is undetermined.

Released in the US as a split reel along with Aviation Contests at Rheims (1909).