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One Man Band (2005) HD online

One Man Band (2005) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Animation / Short / Comedy / Family / Music
Original Title: One Man Band
Director: Mark Andrews,Andrew Jimenez
Writers: Andrew Jimenez,Mark Andrews
Released: 2005
Duration: 4min
Video type: Movie
At the central square of a picturesque Italian village, a bright-eyed little girl is anxious to toss her last gold coin in the fountain to make a wish, while a talented one-man-band street performer plays a cheerful tune. But just when the girl is ready to drop her coin in the busker's rusty cup, another flamboyant contestant steps in, desirous of her attention. Inevitably, this is going to be a music showdown like none other, nevertheless, the coin is only one.

Was released theatrically in several territories with Cars (2006).

The first Pixar short film to have a post-credits scene.

This is the first Pixar short film to be produced in a 2.35:1 widescreen aspect ratio, unlike the short films were produced in 1.85:1.

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    One Man Ban was an absolutely charming piece of work! The colors were vibrant and whimsical and the designs were cute and caricatured. I loved it from the moment it started until the very end! It's surprising it didn't win the Oscar; it was definitely better than the winner. I suppose the judges couldn't justify giving the same crew Oscar after Oscar after Oscar...

    The story is about a pair of street performers locked in a competition to out-perform the other and win the golden coin of a little girl passing by. Their musical dueling was delightful and I can't even imagine directing a film where the whole script is music!

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    Pixar's one man band get cacophonous when two buskers vie to get a gold coin from a little girl. The short story starts with an avuncular busker playing simple music with his trumpet, when he sees that a little girl is about to drop her coin in the fountain, perhaps for a wish. But he manages to lure her with his music and immediately pushes his bowl so that the coin goes into his pocket. Just when the girl reaches to drop the coin into the bowl, another violinist begins to play his instrument. This man is lanky and he plays his instrument mellifluously.

    The war begins and the girl gets confused as both the buskers get more and more competitive. The ending is unexpected, and I'm glad Pixar didn't go for an emotional ending. The animation is quite vibrant and detailed for a short film and the humor is subtle. My rating: 7/10
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    Wow, the first thing I noticed was how stunning this looked. Of course, I have been watching a ton of 40s, 50s and 60s cartoons in the last two months so something this new - and with surround sound - is a shock to see and hear, and is extremely impressive.

    Even in this computer era, this is a stunning short little animated story. Sometimes I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing as two one-man bands compete for a coin from a little girl. All they want is a little money for their efforts, but this little girl is a tough sell. The music by these two guys is spectacular.

    Others have gone into detail so there is no need for me to comment except I will stick up for the two incredible one-man-band players. The little girl was a nasty, little so-and-so. However, as a cartoon it was amazing and almost too much for words. It just makes me wish more of this kind of thing could be done. Why can't there be good, original, entertaining and clean cartoons any more? You have to go back to the 30s through the '70s for anything good, like the Looney Tunes or the Pink Panther

    This Pixar cartoon shows the incredible animation that could be done for short cartoons today This was an extra feature that came with the "Cars" DVD.
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    interactive man

    Pixar, at least the preDisney Pixar, uses shorts as experiments. They've used them for new volume computation routines. Remember the birds squooshed together on a telephone line? Remember "Boundin'" which investigated the use of quickly changing space? This one is an amusement of course, they all are. But its reason to be what it is, is the opportunity to explore how characters define space. A problem with the type of 3D animation Pixar does is that the characters become harder. Their skin becomes more of an edge that separates them from their context. Human actors have ways around this. Digital puppets don't have this same possibility.

    But they have others, and one of those is to be compound beings. But how to use this so the characters "read" well is unknown. So we have this experiment. As with all Pixar projects, its a triumph. Its more amazing when you know the problem they were solving.

    Ted's Evaluation -- 3 of 3: Worth watching.
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    One Man Band is simply one of the best shorts ever produced. The minute I saw it I was enchanted and knew I had found my favorite Pixar short to date. Pixar's meticulous attention to detail is conveyed in the brilliance of the story and the craftsmanship of the animation. The short plays like a silent film. No dialogue. Just pantomime. It tells the story of two street musicians trying to compete for the gold coin of a young peasant girl who just wants to cast it in the town square's wish fountain. A simple story told with lots of wit and humor. Plus, there's a twist. It doesn't end the way you think it will. As always, the animation is spot-on and very impressive. The character designs are so cute and appealing. The sound quality is top notch. And the surrounding Renaissance world is a feast of warm colors and visual beauty. It's funny, original, and clever. Proves the simplest ideas are often the best. If I have one complaint about One Man Band is that it isn't longer in length. I was hoping for more! Great addition to the Cars DVD!
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    Once again there was a short animated film from Pixar before the main Disney computer animated feature in the cinema, Cars. This one sees a busker on a stage, small, playing all his instruments hoping to get some money put in his cap. Along comes a little peasant girl ready to put her shiny gold penny in the near piazza water fountain, when the busker spots her and starts playing to tempt her to give it to him. Across the street however starts playing another busker with his assortment of string instruments, and the girl goes towards him to be tempted to cough up the cash. This need for attention from the little girl and for the penny is becoming a musical feud, and after a humorous rivalry the girl drops her coin into the nearby drain. The little girl is upset and wants her money back, but neither busker has a penny to give her, so she instead takes a violin off the second busker. She starts playing badly and trying to tune it, and she eventually plays well, and she ends up getting a whole sack full of coins. It looks like she might give the two buskers a coin each, but she instead tosses them both into the above high bird bath, and the film ends with them clambering on each other to get them. With some good music, amusing moments, and the same sense of heart has been put into a simple but affective tale for all the family to enjoy. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Short Animated Film. Very good!
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    In a village square a busker prepares for what seems like a quiet day. As luck would have it, a child walks into the square with a shiny coin. She seems intent on making a wish at the fountain but the busker sees his opportunity and strikes up to attract her attention. Unfortunately for him another busker is in the square with the very same idea – and so begins a tense busk-off in the otherwise quiet square.

    Attached to the Cars DVD, this short film was better than the customary short that featured the characters from the full film. The scenario is very simple and it goes where you expect in regards the busking becoming more intense. It is pretty funny but more pleasing was the ending which saw the little girl come into it more and become part of the comedy herself. Certainly compared to Mater & the Ghostlight, this film is fun and energetic to the point where it will appeal to adults as much as children and, to my mind, this is what Pixar is all about and is what made this short fun to watch.
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    One Man Band (2005)

    *** (out of 4)

    Mildly entertaining short from Pixar has a little girl showing up at a fountain wanting to throw her gold coin in but two rival musicians start playing hoping to earn her coin. This isn't the greatest short in the world but there's enough going on here to make it worth watching if you're a fan of the studio. I think the best thing about the movie is the animation, which is very good from start to finish. We get some very good looking items including the actual look of the two musicians and all of their instruments. Also worthy are some of the smaller shots like the one where something happens to the coin. What I didn't think worked as well as some of the other shorts was the actual story. It was good enough for five-minutes but there really weren't enough laughs to push this film over the edge into something I could watch over and over again.
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    This was a funny short clip from Pixar. I think all musicians will find it really funny and, because they're a musician, they'd understand the comedy and duelling between the men, who try to 'entice' the little girl to give up her last and only coin. I thought the part where the 'brass' guy tore one of the 'strings' guy's violins and handed it to the girl was funny. In the end, the little girl 'screeches' the violin and tunes it, eventually playing a fast, Italian piece, resulting in a stranger throwing a big bag of coins in front of her. She then gets out two coins, making it look like one, quickly gesturing the coins into two, she raises them over her head and throws them into the topmost 'bowl' of the fountain. The last bit of the animation short shows the brass guy and string guy balancing on top of the other trying to get the coins out of the top.
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    I don't think people really pay attention to Pixar shorts as something other than a bonus to Pixar features (this one coming before Cars), but these things are really great, even standalone. A lot of Pixar shorts involve a theme of personal struggle, usually for recognition or comfort in an empty or uncaring world. They tend to involve smaller characters that are lonely and helpless, but learn something in their struggle.

    This one is a fun mixture of those themes, involving two competing one-man-bands (or, rather, a one man band and a one man orchestra) who are hunting for the only available coin in an empty plaza... held by a little girl who wants the coin to go far. As the competition heats up they get further and further off track of what they're doing, ultimately fumbling in a predictable direction but one that is still wonderfully poignant.

    Another magical thing about Pixar shorts is that few of them have any dialog, thus showing character through action and expression. This one is great at that approach, and has a great musical score to back it up.

    I hope someday Pixar releases a DVD of just their shorts so that people can regard them away from their feature presentations. They really are great on their own.

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    The short is so wonderful! I can not remember in what movie this short is in, but even now I can still remember the short. The graphics is superb, with great attention to details to the characters and scenery. Kudos Pixar! Even thought he short is very short (thus the term short, d'oh), it is very entertaining. When I watched his short in the cinema, the crowd enjoyed this short very much that the cinema roared with laughter. It almost felt like watching your favorite team scored a goal in a football game.

    This is an experiment by Pixar. There are other shorts made by the animation giant like the short about a group of birds sitting on an electric wire, and another short about a bear (or is a penguin? Sorry, can't remember what it is actually) wanting to and find his girlfriend but ended up trapped in the snow globe. Both are two examples of the shorts made. Sorry though, because I forgot both the titles to the shorts I mentioned above.
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    Again and again, Pixar films has produced the very best in cutting-edge shorts using computer generated animation. The quality is top-notch and the writing exceptional--so good that for the worst of these short films I'd give them perhaps an 8. The problem, however, is that the films are so good, so consistently great that I think the Academy Awards folks are reticent to give this studio the Oscar for Best Animated Short--otherwise, smaller and less prestigious studios might feel left out and not even bother entering since Pixar would take home most of the awards. I have noticed that their films don't seem to win like they used to and in a few cases (such as KNICK KNACK) they weren't even nominated--even though, to me, they seemed to be producing the best shorts. They are consistently very funny and the most technologically challenging product out there.

    Now it is very difficult to assess whether or not the wonderful ONE-MAN BAND was yet another case like this because although I have seen this film, the winner (THE MOON AND THE SON) is difficult to find and isn't available anywhere on the internet. I'm not even sure where I can get this HBO produced short. All I can say is that ONE-MAN BAND looks near-perfect, has tremendous set and character design and will make you laugh even though it is dialog-free. A truly exceptional and charming film.
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    After its final credits, it continuous in your mind. the music. the characters fight . the coin. the fountain. and the feel to be part of film yourself. because it is ( almost ) perfect. no reason to explain why. but the emotion and smile and the young woman who could be an old one, the clothes of performers and the musical instruments are so...lovely than the animation is more than great or amazing. its simplicity and the care for each detail transforms it in one of memorable story about music, competition and ...the wise choice.
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    I am a band student, and this short basically sums up the arguments between band and orchestra. Two buskers fight over being one-men bands and winning a little girls coin, while in the end, the girl wins way more than either of them. The first man is using wind and percussion instruments, while the second is using string. Its a playoff between these two, with funny little accidents and alot of beautiful music!
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    This animated short film tells the story of two street musicians, who engage in a spectacular battle of skills to try to win a child's gold coin.

    The film is fun to watch, as the two musicians do everything they can and more to win the coin. Yet, the outcome of the battle is perhaps predictable, but what happens after that is not what I can predict. It is an interesting tale with a twist at the end.
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    Unfortunately, the theater's projection screen ruined the animation nuances -- strangely, "Cars" didn't suffer the same way. So this should be better suited to the DVD medium. Think of it as a high-tech nod to Melies.

    As for the metaphor, it's a Pixar jab at the big studios. This is a reminder that little Pixar doesn't need frippery to succeed. The competition only offers bells and whistles; Pixar offers core values first. Notice that the 'big guys' don't understand why they haven't won the 'gold coin'.

    Sadly, this is the end of Pixar as an uncompromising entity. The Disney deal will probably spell an inexorable slide into mediocrity.
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    For a moment I thought I had walked into the wrong theatre. The Pixar-animated short ONE MAN BAND was the first thing on the screen -- no announcement, just there, unfolding itself as a simple story of a little child who goes to a wishing well with one gold coin and is wooed by two musicians carrying the most complicated apparatuses that can in essence replicate an entire orchestra and play smart tunes.

    Watching the little girl react to the first musician who distracts her from throwing her coin into the water was a hoot. More so, when the second musician appears in defiance. Soon a frenetic play-off sends the little girl back into the fountain and before she has a chance to throw her coin, down it goes into the gutter, leaving now three people coin-less.

    I thought that it would turn into a schmaltzy moment -- the little girl's contorting grimace as she veers close to tears certainly seemed to indicate so -- but it's here when the story turned into something completely different, straight out of Warner Bros. hilarious toons. She asks the musicians to pay her, but they have nothing, and then she asks one of them to hand over a violin, then a bow -- which he does -- and she begins playing. Badly.

    No sooner than she starts than out of nowhere a by-passer throws a bag filled to the top with coins. It was a sudden, remarkable moment -- I was caught taken by surprise and laughter at its "Bang!" quality -- and thus, she is proved the winner in this little battle for survival as she throws two coins into the top of the fountain. The last scene has the two musicians trying to climb to the top of the fountain, at night, still trying to take away the coins she left.

    A funny little intro to CARS, one crackling with the crazy wit that toons should always have instead of hammering away at the strings of the heart like it were some kind of perverse guitar. If only the rest of the movie would have had this sort of pulling the rug moment, but CARS was made to manipulate people to feel good, cry a little, and wonder what it's like to live in a world where even little insects are mini-cars. Somewhere, James Cameron must be chuckling to himself. The machines in this Universe have won.
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    WELL Personally I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT BECAUSE ONE MAN BANDS ARE MY LIFE. AND SO IS DAN THE ONE MAN BAND. but anyway. its such a amazing film because its all about a big beefy man with his own band and he just trots around all day with his little musical instrument. one day i want to be just like him and become famous and have a film made about me doing this. it is such a in depth film on the thoughts and feelings of people like me and how they feel about playing on there own with their accordian and oboes etc. it really hits the nail on the head and i personally devour this film as it is exactly the kind of film i like watching.
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    This is a 5-minute animated short film from Pixar that was also nominated for an Oscar, but lost to the entry with the longest runtime that year. The story is pretty simple. We do not have one one man band in this film, no, we have two. They are fighting for a little girl's affection, or I should probably say golden coin. Who's gonna prevail? Find out for yourself. The animation is pretty good (obviously a given with Pixar), quite a decent watch with the costumes etc. as well and the ending is funny too. Other than that that (and the priceless look on the girl's face when her coin is lost), I really only found it mediocre. But it's not bad either, so certainly worth a watch for animation lovers. Oh and for music lovers, for the tunes in here are pretty nice. But the music also had to be good as all the focus is on this aspect with no people talking. By the way, one of the writer/director duo won an Academy Award for "Brave" not too long ago and the other is enjoying a pretty prolific career too. You can see glimpses of their talent in this short movie. Recommended.
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    This short was nominated for an Academy Award for Animated Short. There will be spoilers ahead:

    Two street buskers work desperately for what amounts to a penny and rather go overboard in trying to best each other to convince one little girl to donate her coin to one of them.

    Things escalate to a point where disaster strikes and that's when the short is at its best. The little girl steals the short at this point by putting on her own show and she manages to give the two buskers a lesson or two as well as their comeuppance. The ending is hilarious. Stick all the way through to the end of the credits.

    This is available on DVD and is well worth watching. Most recommended.
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    This is different from the other Pixar shorts in a way. For instance it's taken place in a peasant village during the olden days.

    There's a One Band Guy trying to attract a crowd and get some doubloons.

    No one to be seen except for a kid with a doubloon.

    So he performs some catchy lyrics to get the kid's attention and hoping to get the doubloon.

    But another One Band guy comes by and starts performing his style of music, also hoping to get the doubloon.

    Eventually the 2 one band guys start competing each other by playing music or trying to look more impressive than the other.

    There's not much to say about it, so I won't give away the ending, since it's a short film.But one thing similar to the other shorts, is no dialog but contains a very simple and funny plot. Great animation and probably one of the best shorts yet.

    You're able to see this for yourself on the Cars DVD.
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    I have always loved Pixar, and One Man Band is one of my favourites of theirs. For me, it is a perfect example of the short film being better than the film it is shown with, in this case it was Cars which I still like but consider it one of Pixar's weakest. Back to One Man Band, as is the case with all of Pixar's work it is gorgeously animated, with vibrant backgrounds, cute character designs and a sense of whimsy about it. The music is absolutely wonderful, as are the genuinely funny visual gags and musical sparring, in fact I was pleasantly surprised by how much there was too see and hear in such a short duration(4 minutes)and the story is told with plenty of charm and heart and moves swiftly. The characters are great, especially the lead character. True the little girl is a brat, but you learn to warm to her. Overall, a brilliant short film and one of my favourites. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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    I remember seeing this short before 'Cars (my least favourite Pixar film so far)' at the cinema and whilst renting the first volume of Pixar Shorts on DVD, I enjoyed it more on my third viewing today than the first two.

    While the entire film takes place against a single background, it is relatively realistic if not as lifelike as the street in 'The Blue Umbrella' but the idea of using music as a duel is original, the musicians wear brightly-coloured outfits and the little girl is cute. The story had some sort of a 'will-she-or-won't-she?' moment when it came to the girl trying to decide which musician to pay or if she was going to throw the coins she got given at the end in the fountain. The music is authentic and very true to the instruments the musicians play. It also plays an effective part in telling the story since this short has no dialogue.

    All in all this is a simple, jolly and somewhat amusing short that was more substantial on my third viewing and preferable to the film it preceded. 9/10.