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Grand Prix (1982) HD online

Grand Prix (1982) HD online
Language: English
Category: Video Game / Family / Sport
Original Title: Grand Prix
Released: 1982
Video type: Video Game
The goal is to go as fast as possible and dodge other race cars on the track. Higher levels also have walls to block lanes.

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    So, you're entering the race of your life, and nothing stands between you and the finish line except for a clock, road barriers, other drivers, and oil spills... but you could be the world record holder. That must count for something, right?

    The gameplay is pretty simple. You hold the button to move forward, and swerve up or down as you move right. Random drivers are thrown at you, and you have to avoid them (there's a brake button, but it's only useful if you have perfect hand-eye coordination and super fast reflexes, because 99 out of 100 times, you'll still hit the car in front). There are oil spills that will sway you down the screen, which may make you hit another car, and there are bridges to go across which stop the time (and if you hit the bridge barriers, you'll lose a lot of time). Yes, there's a timer. It's basically a race against a clock that goes up, and see if you can beat your record which you'll have to remember on your own since this is the Atari.

    Visuals are damn good for the Atari, though. Vehicles look crisp, you can see the oil spills, and while the barriers are the same green bush, the vehicle wheels moving is amazing for such an old system. There's no music, so forget about that, but the sound effects are pretty decent. Don't crash too much, though, or they'll get annoying. The sound does a good job of telling you how fast you're going though.

    Your enemies are the other vehicles. They come on at very random times from the right side of the screen (Tip: If they stop showing up, you're nearing a bridge), and basically serve to keep you on your toes, or when it's unfair, make you crash as they basically build a wall to rival Trump's planned wall in front of you. And there's, of course, the mildly irritating oil spills.

    It's not too difficult a game. I don't see you ever throwing the controller, and since there's no failure, the only sense of challenge will be playing on different variations to see if you can play on the not harder, but longer race tracks.

    It's a pretty short game, and I guess you could always come back and try to beat your time, but it'll get old and quite monotonous pretty quick. This isn't Mario Kart. There's not a lot of variety except for what cars will get in your way.

    So did I like it? I guess. As my first real Atari 2600 game that I played, it was an interesting experience to go through, but it's pretty boring. I don't think it's bad, though. It's just not Mario Kart.

    I'll give this game a 6 out of 10.