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Fear Runs Silent (2000) HD online

Fear Runs Silent (2000) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Horror
Original Title: Fear Runs Silent
Director: Serge Rodnunsky
Writers: Serge Rodnunsky
Released: 2000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Creative Work
When high school science teacher, Mr.Hill, convinces his student, Kerry Johnson, and a group of her friends to go on an overnight field trip, they find themselves face to face with the darkest side of terror. Not even their worst nightmares will compare to what they encounter in the depths of the forest. Neither Mr.Hill nor sheriff could ever hope to save them from what lurks in the unknown.
Cast overview, first billed only:
Stacy Keach Stacy Keach - Mr. Hill
Billy Dee Williams Billy Dee Williams - Sheriff Hammond
Suzanne Davis Suzanne Davis - Kerry
Dan Lauria Dan Lauria - Therapist
James O'Shea James O'Shea - John
Riley Bourdeaux Riley Bourdeaux - Andrew
Robert Jayne Robert Jayne - Harold (as Bobby Jacoby)
Ethan Erickson Ethan Erickson - Tim
Dublin James Dublin James - Ronnie
Elizabeth Low Elizabeth Low - Jennie
Wendi Kenya Wendi Kenya - May
Cerina Vincent Cerina Vincent - June
Cheryl McWilliams Cheryl McWilliams - Lillian
Robert Hummel Robert Hummel - Stephfather (as Robert E. Hummel)
Anastasia Emmons Anastasia Emmons - Young Kerry

Reviews: [17]

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    (* out of *****) I should have learned by now that most straight-to-video horror movies are going to be pretty lousy. This pile of junk is no exception. I guess the director wanted it to be complex and ambiguous, but it doesn't work. He throws in a ton of flashbacks and flashforwards and unnecessary cuts and jerky edits that are supposed to juxtapose the main story (a buncha dumb high school kids and their science teacher go into the woods and get attacked by cannibalistic mountain men) with the framework story of a young girl undergoing psychiatric evaluation because of possible molestation by her father in the past. If this had been handled by a competent writer and director, it might have been passably entertaining, but, instead, it's a tedious and confusing mess. In spite of the supposedly complex plot, much of the movie is padded with MTV-style video scenes of snowball fights and people running back and forth to fill out its 90-minute length. If the makers had cut out all of the pretentious (and stupid) background psychological stuff and stuck with the short, simple story of kids getting attacked by mountain men, then this might have been something (still derivative and silly, yes, but at least something). Stacey Keach plays the teacher and Billy Dee Williams plays a sheriff. If they really needed the money, I'd have had more respect for them if they'd gotten a job at Burger King. Avoid this, kids. I'm thinking of suing the makers for stealing ninety minutes of my life.

    Lowlight: Stranded on top of a sinking car (or rock or something -- I can't remember), heroine Kerry (Suzanne Davis) swings across the river to safety by taking off her pants and tying them to a tree branch hanging above her, a ridiculously contrived excuse to have her spend the rest of the movie in her underwear. Honestly, the bank was maybe five feet away, she could have gained more ground by simply jumping. Really dumb.
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    Saw this on Sky Movies a while back and I have to say this is a total mess of a film. Maybe it was because I was tired, but hardly anything in this film made any sense at all, and wasn't one of those "teenagers" the demonology expert from 'Night of the Demons 2'?

    There are two plotlines shambolically merged together in this film, both centering around Kerry (Suzanne Davis). In one plot we have a group of teenagers on a field trip being attacked by bigfoot-type creatures, in the other we have Kerry seeing a psychiatrist due to depression and nightmares (one assumes that Kerry is seeing the psychiatrist after the events of the field trip). A story about Kerry's childhood eventually unfolds but it would be quite easy to lose track, especially with the completely nonsensical ending.

    It's almost impossible to fully understand what is going on due to the directors decision to flash back and forth constantly between the two storylines, and also showing images and visions that appear to have no place in the film at all. Even some of the characters seemed to have no place in the film like a Native American who, as far as I remember, says and does next to nothing. The acting was also atrocious, even from more accomplished actors like Billy Dee Williams and Stacey Keach. Why they got involved in this disaster-piece I will never know.

    The direction and screenplay are pitiful, full of pointless "filler" such as snowball fights and some half-assed attempt at a love story. I suppose, as far as the main stories go, the director was trying to make a film that required thought to fully immerse yourself in the world he created, unfortunately he failed. There is nothing, in my opinion, that redeems this film. To me this ranks alongside disasterous films like 'Killjoy' and 'Camp Blood'.

    I'd avoid this movie, it's not worth the 90 mins of your life. I actually switched it off at one point, but realising there were only 15 minutes left I thought I may as well watch the rest, I'd got that far after all. If you do watch it, expect nothing.

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    I am almost embarrassed to admit it, but I have to say that for the most part I really liked "Fear Runs Silent". While I agree that the storyline was confusing and incoherent, this did not make me enjoy it any less. The writer/director has an undeniable talent for this sort of thing, and I was suprised by how frightening this strange film really was. It goes without saying that this sort of thing is not for everyone, and anyone who goes looking for explicit violence or a typical horror-movie ending will be disappointed. Nevertheless, "Fear Runs Silent" manages to deliver much more in terms of atmosphere, suspense, and sheer creepiness than many better funded films, such as the recent "Thirteen Ghosts".
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    I saw this movie when it was shown a late night in Danish tv. I thought it was a teenage slasher movie, that would help me sleep, well, I was wrong! This movie was disturbing and the fast cutting between past?, present? and future?, made me more interested in this movie instead of turning me off. I never really found what this movie was about because it gives you so many questions and answers you have to figure out ourself. When I was done watching it I argued with myself whether I had just seen a masterpiece or a piece of sh... because the movie IS confusing but still thoughtprovoking (for me anyway;) So the final conclusion must be that I liked this film, maybe even a lot If you like our movies to stand out from the crowd like Darkly Noon, Pi or Nil by Mouth there will be a slim chance for you liking it or perhaps even loving it. If your idea of a good movie is scream or a bullock or a jean claude van dumme movie, well then do not watch this movie.
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    I approached to this movie because I was intrigued by the tape cover and the summary of the plot on the back of it: this elements made me believing this movie was something like SCREAM with a killer bigfoot - so it couldn't be a masterpiece, but maybe an entertaining Friday night movie. Instead it's a boring film about the dreams and fears of a "disturbed" girl who sees all the people around her like monsters! That's the core of the plot, but we discover it at the end, while for the the rest of the running time the story tries (and I stress on it) to be a monster movie, showing us some clichés and a large amount of bad directed scenes. A waste of time and money.
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    I saw this film yesterday on TV but I haven't seen its beginning, only from the part where they arrive in the forest cottage with their teacher. (originally I was watching Jurassic Park but switched away during the ad block, and this film caught my attention when I saw something was watching them from the forest, and anyway, I've already seen Jurassic Park.) The whole movie was ambiguous, but it helped to keep the tension. I could never know whether the girl really met the Bigfoot, or the creature whom she sees as Bigfoot during regression was her stepfather who molested her? ***SPOILER*** I thought it was because of her stepfather, and that's why she saw even her boyfriend as a monster, but if that's the case, why did she seem to be on good terms with her stepfather in the end of the movie? Anyway, if we don't count this inconsistency, it was a pretty good and thrilling movie. The kind that you have to follow with your mind, not only with your eyes.
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    A potential title with a potential story that loses potential!??!

    The movie is confusing but not really when it all comes down to this.

    Stacy Keach is a teacher and he has taken his students on a big field trip.A teenage girl who is bothered by memories and seeing strange things like human like beings in animal type coats is being treated by a shrink to see if this is her imagination or if its something else.Her and her friends are terrorized by the beings on this field trip.So is it true that her thoughts are real or is this just a bunch made up stuff by her?

    Is this beast-man is Bigfoot?A werewolf,a mutant bear,perhaps a wild cave man or Neanderthal man? Could it be a new breed of human?Could it be the imagination man or could it be a old guy who thinks he is the last of the great vikings.Could it be a cat-man?Maybe it could possibly be the legendary ghost of the forest that harms any who comes.With all of these great possibilities it could be any one!

    So you know things happened in this film but did it really?Well yes and no.Everything you saw didn't happen but when the movie is over then it will! You see,she was psychic and nobody knew it,not even her. I hope when you see it you'll understand it because it is a good film.

    Stacy Keach and Billy Dee Williams are good in this film but their parts could have been larger.

    By the way,Keep your eye on the beast at all times,when it runs and hope the camera follows it and the beast constantly growls and makes noises and shows its teeth.I was laughing the whole time. Its just funny.Rent this and see for yourself.Its a fair movie its just that it takes a lot of patience to get use to this type of film,thats all.

    I rented Fear Runs Silent and gave the film another chance. The results was that I was confused even more this time.I had no problem with the cast at all as they gave all their effort for what they were given. The scene with the couple in car that was having problems in the snow had big time potential. The movie would have been a great one if it was just about the field trip and the happenings there instead of the confusing subplot with the girl's bad memories or nightmares.
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    Wow ! A revolutionary plot of having a bunch of teenagers go off into the woods to be stalked by a monster . But they`re not any type of teenagers , no siree , instead of being the usual collection of bimbos and jerks one of the bimbos is in therapy and on prozac while the monster stalking them is Bigfoot ! Well it is in the script but on screen it looks more like a man who has never shaved and is wearing yellow contact lenses . In fact for the first half hour FEAR RUNS SILENT has the same sort of structure as the dismal NIGHT OF THE DEMON with a voice over , a gory severed limb , a couple of dead teenagers , several college scenes that I just knew that I`d be watching a big pile of bigfoot droppings so I switched off
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    You really do wonder how a human being can screw up something this bad. Is it really that difficult to make a movie about a monster that kills people? Just get a monster, and have it kill people. And try not to edit in forty minutes of a girl in an isolation cell, if that's not too much to ask. The psychological thriller touch doesn't work at all. It's like I wasn't even watching an actual movie because well, the two plots completely cancelled each other out. You don't care about the monster because I think it was imaginary (or something), you don't care about the girl because she's wasting precious monster time. She's also a very bad actress by the way, but nobody's perfect. This movie is really annoying to watch. There's an intense boredom involved because nothing really happens, we know from the first minute these are all dream sequences and hallucinations. The direction also just plain sucks, you can barely make out what's going on. This thing is just really messed up in every aspect of film-making.
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    The short story told by the Native American, as a prologue to this movie's plot, is the best part of the film. It is hard to believe that the same creative minds responsible for the opening short story could screw the rest of the movie up so badly.
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    Young girl experiences visions of terror. A psychoanalyst, with a help of hypnosis, tries identify the source of her fears.

    The way though her subconsciousness is expressed metaphorically as the main storyline - a school trip to woods where they face attacks of primitive but deadly dangerous creatures. Throughout the trip events from her childhood reveals in parallel.

    Definitely, this is not a mainstream movie. Though, it has a shape of teenage horror, it is not a horror either. It reminds me "Still of the Night". Or maybe rather "Tween Peaks" - you have to keep track of reality lines. And this is, I assume, what many may find as confusing.

    While "Fear Runs Silent" is far from professionalism of "Tween Peak" in movie making sense, still it keep you wondering and searching for solution till the very end.
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    Not bad, certainly not as bad as some make out. Oscar winning roles are not exactly thick on the ground and young artistes need to get their faces (or other bits) out there if casting directors are going to know that they exist. That certainly excuses the toothsome Suzanne Davis and the exceedingly winsome Wendi Kenya but quite why Stacy Keach and Billy Dee Williams are along for the ride is more difficult to explain.........unless they knew who had been cast as Kerry, May and June (no July or August unless they are in Part 2). Did I mention the ravishing Cerina Vincent of Las Vegas? That would certainly have done it for me. Anyway, I can find no fault with a movie that gives the audience Suzanne Davis in a nice clean pair of underpants. What a lovely bum.
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    Avoid at all cost!

    After seeing this movie I understand why there is not a single positive comment listed here: it's because this movie does not deserve any!

    The director is either completely unskilled, or he tried to go beyond what did lay within his capacities. This movie is a confusing mixture of a dime-a-dozen teenage horror flick and a story told through flashbacks/flash forwards which end up confusing everyone as to what is going on. Every time the 'regular' action gets remotely interesting, there is a cut to another scene in which the main character has some stupid therapy session. How boring!

    Seriously, I cannot believe this drivel was released. What amazes me even more is that the director has since directed many more movies - you'd expect the studios to never want him on a set again.

    The only thing remotely redeeming about this movie is the short scene in which the main character strips her pants off. And that's pretty sad.

    The effects are horrible (men in suits, fake fangs and with yellow contacts... ooh scary...), there is no plot to speak of (if you find it, let met know) and there is nothing exciting or fun about it.
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    Horror fans will diappointed with this because when things happen and you don`t know if it really did or if it was a dream or a flashback.Ofcourse it can be scary at times and at times it can get really scary but seeing the same clip of the monster(s) about 10 times can really be annoying but I laughed alot at it so if you like error movies this is something to see but I warn you if you see and buy Fear Runs Silent be prepared for a shocking ending that you`ll never forget!
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    For a start I'm not interested in adding nothing new in this review."Fear Runs Silent" has a good premise,but this premise is completely wasted.Director Serge Rodnunsky doesn't create almost any atmosphere(apart from the beginning,which is pretty creepy),instead he fills this trash with so many annoying flashbacks.The ending is totally awful:after all these grisly events it all turns into dream!!!Yeah right,what a load of s***!!Three stars:one for a funny performance by Stacy Keach as a biologist,one for beautiful photography,and finally one for the beginning.Avoid this mess like the plague.
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    I don't expect a lot from straight-to-video movies. So I'm very forgiving, especially if I've been entertained in some small way that justifies the price of the rental.

    I'm sorry I wasted my money on Fear Runs Silent.

    This movie tries to keep you in suspense wondering if Kerry, the terrorized main character, is living the minimally bloody horror in reality, in nightmares, or in psychotic hallucinations.

    This sort of thing competently done can make for an exciting film with a clever, satisfying ending.

    Fear Runs Silent was simply incompetent.