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The Street Preacher (1910) HD online

The Street Preacher (1910) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Drama / Short
Original Title: The Street Preacher
Released: 1910
Video type: Movie
Florence Nixon engaged herself to Henry Martin because she thought he would quickly win a church in the city. He was one of the most promising students of his class at the divinity school and it was only natural to suppose that he would soon find a wealthy congregation. But Henry was an earnest and sincere man. He saw that he was needed upon the street more than in the pulpit and it was a shock to Florence when he wrote that upon his graduation he would become a city missionary. Instead of the mistress of a fashionable parsonage she would be the wife of a street preacher. Her castles in the air quickly vanished and without compunction she wrote to break the engagement and determined to win her own way in the big town. Meantime Martin had become a city missionary and one of his talks so impressed Florence that she urged Ransom to marry her. This he refused to do, but the preacher touched his heart and he went back to Florence to tell her that he would right his wrong. He found her ...
Cast overview:
Albert McGovern Albert McGovern - Henry Martin - the Street Preacher
Ethel Elder Ethel Elder - The Wife

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    This film by the Lubin Company is very acceptable chiefly because it is a departure from the monotony of the "usual thing," also because it reaches with some degree of satisfaction, the desire for religious pictures now demanded. To say that the film is perfect would be fulsome praise, but because of the courage of the Lubin firm in producing such a subject, the writer prefers to overlook all demerits, believing that the better parts of the picture compensate for its deficiencies excepting but one instance, the mention of which seems absolutely necessary; in the last scene, a marriage ceremony, the bridal pair are holding left hands, giving the occasion a most ludicrous appearance; surely this cannot be a reversal of the film or other parts would appear equally ridiculous, there is evidently some fault in making up the film; should the film prove absolutely correct it shows that greater care is required of the operator. The Street Preacher is a young minister who believes he can accomplish more good in the world by going after the people than if comfortably installed in a rich city church. This decision is a disappointment to his fiancée who had social ambitions, consequently she breaks the engagement, advising him to marry her more suitable friend, which he accordingly does, the match proving a most appropriate one. In city missionary work they are very successful, the wife is seen singing and distributing tracts in sympathetic harmony with her preacher husband. Meanwhile his former love has also gone to the city and succumbed to the temptation of the fast social life; she is found living in luxury but in an unmarried state. After repeated refusals on the part of her lover to ratify the marriage vows she decides upon suicide. At different times both of these lovers have come under the influence of the street preacher whose tracts they carry with them; catching his unlawful wife handling a revolver the man refers to his tract for the address of the street preacher, and sends for him to unite them in marriage; in doing so the preacher and his wife find their old friend and lover, and are pleased at the results of their missionary work. The characters are well sustained and an even attitude pervades the whole. The personality of the "preacher" is very good and a further study of this class of subject will prove creditable to the Lubin film, and as no other firm has at present filled the demand for such subjects as this, it is to be hoped that Lubin's will not now stop here but proceed to meet a long expressed desire for such subjects. - The Moving Picture World, December 24, 1910