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Beyond the Terminator (2016) HD online

Beyond the Terminator (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Action / Drama / Sci-Fi
Original Title: Beyond the Terminator
Director: Catalin Koosch
Writers: Miriam Koosch
Released: 2016
Duration: 3min
Video type: Movie
A low-orbit space station hosts a tennis match between two young players, seen as a moment of struggle, revealing the inner emotion and high intensity of living each point, marking the eternal aspiration to triumph.
Credited cast, sorted by IMDb STARmeter:
Larry Oliver Larry Oliver - Narrator (voice)
Vlad Grigore Vlad Grigore - Tennis Player
Catalin Koosch Catalin Koosch

Reviews: [2]

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    This is one of the most enlightening short movie i have ever seen. Full of passion, it speaks about one's personal strives to fulfill his ambitions and aspirations and think... beyond the terminator.The parallel with tennis, my favorite sports of them all, also contributed to my 10/10 vote.

    The special effects are top-notch, the script and voice-acting are incredible and overall the entire movie is enjoyable and full of meaning.

    I've got to pay credits to the director of the movie for creating such a masterpiece in just 3 minutes.

    Truly hope to see some other work of his.
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    What can i say about this movie? You have to watch it at least 20 times to slightly understand what the director has put in it for us, poor mortals. From the Director of Wars of Akena comes now, a far greater challenge. From the past stop motion productions we now have full CGI effects, ATP events and perfect asteroid collisions all mixed with breathtaking 320 kbps sound effects (and and old man that sounds like a mix between Kiefer Sutherland and the Golden Voice). And this is present only in the first 3 minutes of the picture .. for the rest.. i let you find out ..