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All That Shabaz I Ain't No Joke (Pilot) (2016– ) HD online

All That Shabaz I Ain't No Joke (Pilot) (2016– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Comedy
Original Title: I Ainu0027t No Joke (Pilot)
Director: Shanice Williamson
Writers: Shanice Williamson
Released: 2016–
Video type: TV Episode
Shabaz takes the students on an unforgettable field trip, which gets him fired. The Superintendent and Principal call Leah in to break the news to Shabaz.
Episode credited cast:
Cobin Bugni Cobin Bugni - Abel Rodriguez
Hermione Bugni Hermione Bugni - Student
Phoenix Bugni Phoenix Bugni - Student
Talia Bugni Talia Bugni - Student
Elizabeth Grace Carter Elizabeth Grace Carter - Student (as Elizabeth Carter)
Needa-Mya Chambers Needa-Mya Chambers - Leah Wilkerson Jenkins (as Needa Chambers)
Dhakirah Darrell Dhakirah Darrell - Lenovia Wilson (as Dhakirah Williamson)
Arlen Griff Griffin Arlen Griff Griffin - Malik Shabaz Muhammad Muhammad
Gregory Wayne III Hall Gregory Wayne III Hall
Dakota Rose Kendall Dakota Rose Kendall - Student
Fredrick Martin Fredrick Martin - Superintendent Joseph Carson
Christian Grey Moore Christian Grey Moore - Joshua Virginia Jenkins
Dayna Price Dayna Price - Principal Ingrid Jacobson
Noah Evan Pritchard Noah Evan Pritchard - Student
Meredith Scafidi Meredith Scafidi - Melodie Jenkins