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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Comedy / Romance / Drama
Original Title: Show Me Yours
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
With a new book deal, a fabulous apartment and a stable relationship, psychologist turned sex expert Kate Langford is living her dream. But when her publisher pairs her up with the arrogant yet irresistible PhD, Benjamin Chase, for her next book, Kate realizes she still has a lot to learn.


Series cast summary:
Rachael Crawford Rachael Crawford - Dr. Kate Langford 16 episodes, 2004-2005
Adam J. Harrington Adam J. Harrington - Dr. Benjamin Chase 16 episodes, 2004-2005
Jeff Seymour Jeff Seymour - David Exley 16 episodes, 2004-2005
Rachel Wilson Rachel Wilson - Stella Bradley 16 episodes, 2004-2005
Jennie Raymond Jennie Raymond - Jodi Bradley 16 episodes, 2004-2005
Balázs Koós Balázs Koós - Michael / - 12 episodes, 2004-2005
Steve Boyle Steve Boyle - Gavin / - 11 episodes, 2004-2005
Alberta Watson Alberta Watson - Toni Bane 8 episodes, 2004
Sasha Roiz Sasha Roiz - Chazz Banks 8 episodes, 2005

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    I love this show, the chemistry is so intense to watch, the story lines are totally believable, (if you doubt this, we need to have a little talk). I am up every Sunday night and it is one of the two shows I watch religiously (it's a Sunday, it counts!) I love watching the two lovers (kate and Dr. Chase) get ever so close and then crash. I need this to come out on DVD. The whole theory behind is well thought out. Biology vs. Psychology. A topic that comes up constantly in my college courses.I am going to be a sex therapist, and it is great to know there are people who share my opinions. Did I mention the chemistry? There are no two lovers on American TV that could ever pull this off. Beautiful.
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    I read the previous analysis posted and thought it was obviously one sided from the point of immediate gratification and linear plot-play which this show is NOT about.

    Unlike the straight forward and unimaginative shows from Helpless-wood where the plots are so obviously linear and uninspired, the show tries to ask a deep question that has NO obvious answer -- what IS sexually inspiring and provocative? And what makes it strong enough to act on? If you are not involved by sensual TEASING and UNfulfilled sexual angst plays, then this series is NOT going to fulfill your desires. This series is meant to explore the contrasts between the desire of what you KNOW is good for you and what you secretly CRAVE, whether it would be good for you in the long run or merely fulfilling that immediate hunger you have in the pit of your stomach for immediate satisfaction -- like a one in the morning chocolate attack. Do you go with the flow or are you a person who can exert control each and every time? And more importantly, are you really HAPPY doing so? The idea of the show explores the sensual desires and impulses rather well under the premise of doing sexual research for a book publication.

    The two primary researchers Dr. Kate Langford (played by Rachael Crawford) and Dr. Benjamin Chase (played by Adam Harrington) are dedicated to creating a serious sexual investigation of the matter for the book's publication. When their publisher (Alberta Watson) decides to rush up the date of publication demanding immediate results of the research's usable progression, the tensions between the two characters begins to show up in their analysis and their work and of course some of their tensions are sexual, although there are a LOT of other questions posed as well such as respect, dedication, honesty, commitment, open mindedness and self-fulfillment. And with Kate's boyfriend only occasionally available and OBVIOUSLY territorial, the question of personal fulfillment and loyalty are also thrown into the sexual question between Kate and Benjamin.

    The question is front and center from the very beginning but NEVER given a straightforward answer, as in real life. And it is that constant shifting that makes the question so interesting. Do you do what is socially acceptable or what you REALLY want, even if that desire is ONLY real for that moment? As done in the first episode where Kate and her boyfriend David almost give into their passions and begin having sex on the office couch -- only to be reminded that they are in a public area when Dr. Benjamin Chase and Stella are looking in on them through an OPEN display window! Of course being the socially responsible individual, Kate immediately threw herself onto the floor pulling down her skirt. Was she embarrassed because she was shown giving into her desires? Or was she merely reacting to her social conditioning that sex is a private thing? You decide.

    The primary angst is to show the contrast between the impulses of sexual desire and the REALITY of acceptable social order. Is sexual desire REALLY fulfilled by safe conditions that are socially instilled? Or are TRUE sexual relationships based on emotional desire fulfillment -- even if those things are taboo personally and socially? If so, is that enough to inspire a lasting relationship and would it be strong enough to last against social orders? Or are relationships based on emotional gratification and the continual fulfillment of those impulses? The answer is as varied and open as the people interviewed in the segments. And as far as the main characters getting together sexually -- does that REALLY matter? Should they or shouldn't they? Is there REALLY deep seated longing? Or is it only an immediate impulse? And should that impulse be acted on? That IS the question! And I think it is a pretty GOOD question to be asked. And this show asks that question in a FAIRLY good way without giving a quick pat response as THE answer.
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    It all started with the Shoe episode. It was the less dramatic version of Sex and the City. Some of you might think that this show was boring or a waste of time but l laughed my a$$ off at times. It was something fun to watch in the winter or when l got home from work. I loved the interplay between characters and the content covered. I was bummed when it was pulled because it was just starting to get all sexed up and that is what l missed about TV. There are far too many reality shows and Show Me Yours was filling a void left in the Sex and The City wake. It's too bad that this show followed the same ill fate of My So Called Life. To all the actors that worked on this show - you did an amazing job and as a viewer l was pleased. Thats all.
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    I've seen approximately 5 or more shows and truly enjoyed it. I'm sorry it's on so late on Sunday, because I have to get up early Monday morning for work, otherwise I would watch it regularly. I thought the main characters had endearing qualities and good chemistry between them. I like the fact that they are inter-racial. This is real life and should be shown more often as people recognizing and loving each other for who they are and not what they are. I like the cynical banter between the two, knowing that they are strongly attracted to each other yet always trying to deny their feelings, which so many of us do on a regular basis.

    If I could change anything it would definitely be the time slot. Otherwise, if available, I would by the season's DVD.
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    I really want to see more of this one, and I hope the folks at Oxygen recognize what they've got. No question this is a show for mature audiences only, but it managed to be sexy and fun without being blatantly prurient.

    Great chemistry between the lead pair, but I'd say pick Marshall over Ben or David any day! (Especially over David - I mean, was anyone ever rooting for that guy?)

    This show was so underrated and ended when it was really really just getting started. They need to hurry up and get this show back on the air before the Vancouver film industry snatches up all the key players.
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    I'm a romantic comedy enthusiast and I found the show inviting and fun and just what I needed. Sadly, I was tempted with Season 1 and haven't seen Season 2 yet. I thought the show was new and to my surprise I find that it originally aired more than a year ago. Surely I couldn't have missed it. Not once did I ever see a clip, preview or advertisement for it. I just simply ran across it one night and believe me, TV at night is my time alone and I don't see how I could have missed it. Of course, season 1 aired at 2 a.m. and often I had to record it but didn't miss a night. You want a show like this to last, hello, 2 a.m. is not the time to do it. 11 or 12 but not 2. The show was charming and so sexy and hello if Benjamin Chase wasn't enough to keep you coming back then you haven't seen him. This was much better than Sex and the City. Mind you, Sex and the City was good but after watching a couple of episodes I wasn't erasing movies for space on my DVR so I wouldn't miss it. Woman who buy romance novels and watch every romantic comedy that comes out at the theater would watch this show and that accounts for about every woman out there over 25. Learning that it was cancelled could only have been lack of promotion and early a.m. airing. I'm disappointed. I looked forward to watching it every night and that was a nice change.
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    What is it with this Canadian channel SHOWCASE and their really lame "sexy" shows? Here we have another example of this strange animal which Canadians do so badly. The leads simply have no chemistry together and one can feel the clumsy forceful hand of Lazlo Barna all over this one.

    For those who haven't seen it yet, to put it in a nutshell since I see no description of this on the listing, it's about two sex therapists (the female lead is okay, actually, the male lead is clumsy and awkward as an actor) who trade fantasies. That's really about it. That's the show. Sparks are supposed to fly, but it's so lamely done that there isn't even a rise of a single degree in temperature.

    I watched it out of boredom a couple of times and wished I had my half-hour back each time. I was shocked to see it renewed another season. Okay, not really -- after all, that incredibly bad 11th Hour on CTV kept getting renewed in spite of being a ratings disaster and an incredible embarrassment. This is no worse, I suppose.
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    Golden freddi

    Let me tell you something about myself: I am a very picky person when it comes to shows. I like things to be funny, but intelligent. That is why I love Show Me Yours. Not only does it make me laugh hysterically, but I am in shock with how closely it hits home with relationships and situations (whether it be fantasy or reality-related).

    As for her relationship with David and Ben, I think many women can relate to Kate as being someone who they already are or who they wish to be. As for the 4 year relationship conversation in Season Two (I can't be more specific or else I'll spoil it for someone), I also can relate to Kate.

    Please, if I'm lucky enough to have a producer or someone who makes the decision to create a 3rd episode, women and men (yes!) NEED a show this truthful and witty and intelligent on TV. My, um, very close ex-boyfriend watches the show with me. So yes, this show interests males, too! If there is any type of petition to sign or headquarters to go to in order to keep this show on air, let me know and I will sign it/go there/do anything.