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Combat! A Gift of Hope (1962–1967) HD online

Combat! A Gift of Hope (1962–1967) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Drama / War
Original Title: A Gift of Hope
Director: Bernard McEveety
Writers: Anthony Wilson
Released: 1962–1967
Duration: 1h
Video type: TV Episode
Kirby claims a civilian he assaulted is a deserter, but Saunders maintains the MIA Sergeant was killed. With his dying words, Kirby's pal gasped that his Sgt. dropped his carbine and abandoned his men, but Saunders can't imagine the RA tough infantry vet would panic. Then Sgt. Avery shows up in civilian clothes, with a strange tale, but instead of Saunders reporting Avery to the CO, he accompanies him to find a corroborating witness.
Episode cast overview:
Vic Morrow Vic Morrow - Sgt. Saunders
Rick Jason Rick Jason - Lt. Hanley
Rip Torn Rip Torn - Avery
Jack Hogan Jack Hogan - Kirby
Conlan Carter Conlan Carter - Doc
Dick Peabody Dick Peabody - Littlejohn
Malcolm Brodrick Malcolm Brodrick - Jimmy
Joe Allen Price Joe Allen Price - Larkin
Robert Yuro Robert Yuro - Vitelli
Anthony Eisley Anthony Eisley - Lt. Gates

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    While resting in a French liberated village, Kirby attacks a civilian claiming that he is Sgt. Avery, a deserter that panicked during the Battle of Saint-Lô. A lieutenant observes the assault and brings Kirby and Saunders to report the incident. Kirby keeps his position while Saunders explains that Avery was a good soldier that died in Saint-Lô. When Saunders returns to his shelter, he meets Avery that tells a strange story about the battle. He claims that there is soldier that had witnessed his efforts during the battle that can support him in the Court Martial and Saunders decides to accompany him in the search of the soldier that is in the front. Will they find the witness?

    "A Gift of Hope" is an inconclusive episode of "Combat!". The promising storyline has a great beginning and intriguing development, but the conclusion is disappointing. The tough Sgt. Avery indeed was yellow in battle and the writer stops the screenplay in a comfortable position. My vote is seven.

    Title (Brazil): "Uma Dádiva de Esperança" ("A Gift of Hope")
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    "A Gift of Hope" is a story about human frailty. Sergeant Avery (excellently played by Rip Torn) is a tough by the book driver of men on the battlefield. But do people like Avery always maintain their individuality? Is it possible for them to crack?

    Private Kirby thinks he sees Sergeant Avery dressed as a French civilian and confronts him as a deserter. In the tussle the suspect gets away. The Sarge rejects this idea as preposterous indicating Avery was killed in action. When Lieutenant Gates (played by Anthony Eisley) from another platoon witnesses the confrontation, he interviews Saunders and Kirby in a fact finding mission so he can give a full report of the incident to Lieutenant Hanley. This interview actually tells part of the story in flashback mode as Kirby's and Saunders' versions are relived in film on the battlefield.

    Screen writing and directing are excellent and the viewer must make their own judgment of Sergeant Avery - sort of like the Luigi Pirandello story "It Is So If You Think So." Rip Torn plays his role to the hilt right down to the natural frown. From an objective standpoint with all of the evidence considered, it's not so clear cut one way or the other. What is clear is that humans are very frail regardless of size or strength. And because of this it's clearly evident humans were not meant to be fighting each other in wars. Really tragic.

    "A Gift Of Hope" sends a powerful message about human nature. Excellent episode.