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Hello Stranger (2013) HD online

Hello Stranger (2013) HD online
Language: English
Category: Creative Work / Short
Original Title: Hello Stranger
Director: Alejandro Guimoye
Writers: Russell Nichols
Released: 2013
Budget: $800
Duration: 10min
Video type: Creative Work
After Ernie had a heart attack on stage, he became a recluse, losing his sense of humor, his will to live and his wife. Fast forward twenty years. He's retired now, living in a nursing home. His wife is moving away in a week and he's going to try to get her back. He wants to use his puppet, Wallace, to rekindle the magic they had once. But he's rusty. So first, he must practice. He rehearses his routine on the residents in his retirement home. And everything is going well...until a little boy starts screaming.
Credited cast:
Janice Angela Burt Janice Angela Burt - Angie
Tim Church Tim Church - Middle-Aged Ernie / Narrator
Doc Divecchio Doc Divecchio - Elder Ernie
Axel Martinez Axel Martinez - Little Brother
Danelis Libertad Padron Danelis Libertad Padron - Young Deja
Keilese Ramirez Keilese Ramirez - Little Princess
Mekhi Rivera Mekhi Rivera - Child Ernie
David Robbins David Robbins - Young Ernie
Cynthia Seats Cynthia Seats - Main Nurse
Patty Thibaut Patty Thibaut - Elder Deja