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Christmas Nightmare (2001) HD online

Christmas Nightmare (2001) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror / Thriller
Original Title: Christmas Nightmare
Director: Vince Di Meglio
Writers: Vince Di Meglio,Tim Rasmussen
Released: 2001
Budget: $30,000
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
After witnessing the brutal assassination of presidential candidate Francis Mohan, a young married couple (Edward and Alice Anderson) are taken to a safe house miles from civilization. The Anderson's bodyguard (F.B.I. Special Agent Simmons) escorts the couple to safety through a dark and stormy night, trying his best to assure the frightened newlyweds they have nothing to fear while he's on watch. But upon their arrival at the safe house, the trio is shocked to find it abandoned and their stay takes a sudden turn for the worse. Simmons begins undergoing dark and unsettling changes to his personality. Alice begins seeing visions of murder and suspects the agent has been possessed by the spirit of a madman who slaughtered his family in the same house fifty years ago. When she tells Edward they must leave or else be destroyed by Simmons, he disbelieves her and thinks she is losing her mind. Trapped in the middle of nowhere and fearing for her life, Alice Anderson must confront her ...
Credited cast:
Hugo Armstrong Hugo Armstrong - Agent George Simmons
Tiffany Baker Tiffany Baker - Alice Anderson
Jeff Coatney Jeff Coatney - Lyle Wallace
Charlie Finelli Charlie Finelli - Edward Anderson
Audrey Lowe Audrey Lowe - Veronica Wallace
Gil Rasmussen Gil Rasmussen - Senator Francis Mohan
Kevin VanHook Kevin VanHook - Virgil Cole
Alan Waserman Alan Waserman - Charles Bonham
Tiffany Young Tiffany Young - Pearl Wallace

The name of the Senator, "Francis Mohan," is an anagram for Executive Producer Aron Schifman.

While the production was taking a day off, the yellow rowboat, which is a key prop in the film, was loaded with hay and set on fire by some mischievous teenagers. The Murrieta Fire Department was called to put out the blaze. The teenagers were never apprehended.

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    For a low budget direct to video horror film, this was quite good! It actually looks like the people who made this cared about what they were doing. The acting was really good, it reminded me of a low-budget version of The Shining. Definitely worth renting.
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    Cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap, cheap...*sigh* this is a beyond low budget low budget film. My guess is they only had about $50 spending cash and used it all on the effects, which wouldn't surprise me because of how terribly moronic they were. I think, out of the whole film, only one effect stood out as almost decent: The scene where the small wooden horse coming to life and walks across the table...sad, I know. The other reason (besides that one decent effect) why I decided to give this a 2 instead of a 1 were because of the small amount of surprise scenes that actually did what they were supposed to do...surprise you. Of course, those were too far and few between. Overall this movie was extremely slow paced, with a load of cliché's bad directors use to make shitty horror films (if you could even call this horror...more like borer *yawn*) Vince Di Meglio must have had a fascination with the "stare at each other or over your shoulder at each other" cliché because pretty much that was the only interaction between characters...obviously not providing enough character buildup so that you can feel sorry for them and not want them to die. I wanted everyone to die in this crapfest...well...maybe not the leading lady...OK yeah including the leading lady. Don't watch this I warn you! Only watch it if you have a liking for movies with really bad effects and actors. 2/10
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    I can take a good slow-paced horror film with no problem as long as there is some plot point being developed or some character being studied, but this one is just a complete yawner. Did you ever stay up really late as a kid to catch some rare scare film on a late show and then kept nodding off trying to watch it? Well, this will make you do that even if you watch it in the early afternoon. The concept could have been promising with more development, more characters involved and in danger, and if it had been less cerebral and more visceral, but alas it was not, and so it is one that I will purge from my nice collection of Christmas-themed horror films, sadly. I suggest you do not see it unless you need a cure for insomnia, or if you do want to see the attractive leading lady who should be doing better things.
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    Since I usually enjoy Christmas-themed horror movies, I decided to rent "Christmas Nightmare" when I saw it on the shelf at Hollywood Video. I could've passed on it though. The movie begins on December 25, 1947 at an isolated house in the California woods, with a bright Christmas tree in the front window. A man, after brutally slaughtering his two daughters, dumps their bodies in a pond and then hangs himself from a windmill while his dog watches. Cut to present day, on December 22, a young married couple are whisked off to a safe house one stormy night after witnessing the murder of a presidential candidate. They end up at the wrong house, which is incidentally the house where the gruesome happenings occurred years earlier. While spending their holidays at the empty little house, the wife, Alice, begins seeing things, mainly visions of the sisters who were killed. Her husband thinks she's going insane, but when the agent who's guarding them begins to act strangely, the events are about to re-enact themselves.

    A fairly cheesy holiday-horror film, "Christmas Nightmare" (also known as "The Damned") has a few little nice bits that are thrown into it. The story, while it may not seem like it from my synopsis, is reminiscent of Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining", only set in California in a tiny little house. You can especially see the parallels when the two little girls are seen around the property, which is very similar to the axe-murdered twins in "The Shining". There are some surprisingly chilling little bits in the film though. The opening scene was great, a really fitting way to start the movie. The murder flashback of the girls, while amateurish, is actually a little creepy, and the zoom shot of the father, who puts his bloody finger to his mouth in a shhh motion, was really haunting. I'm not quite sure why, but that quick shot really creeped me out.

    Besides the minimal positives in this film, it's also overloaded with negatives. The acting was far below average, besides the woman who played Alice, who was actually not bad. But the actor who played the husband was really unconvincing. Second, are some of the special effects. There's a shot of the windmill that looked like it came straight from a cheesy video game, and the effects-laden finale was just unbelievably corny. The version that I saw was titled "Christmas Nightmare", but the Christmas-type setting isn't really present at all. The only few bits that even involve the holiday (besides the dates) are the opening with the Christmas tree, and the holiday sleigh bell music that is heard very little. Other than that, there's no snow on the ground, no holiday-related themes - the fact that this takes place during Christmas is highly irrelevant.

    Overall, "Christmas Nightmare" is a low-budget, cheap little horror movie. It has a few nice touches, but it's mostly amateurish and sometimes uninteresting. If you enjoy really low-budget horror movies, you might like this, but don't expect anything that's too involved with the holiday (as the cover art might suggest). Had this film had a larger budget and a little polishing, it could've been quite good. 3/10.
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    Rose Of Winds

    Lifeless horror film that did not keep me interested. It's very slow moving with inane dialogue and long stretches in which nothing happens. The main characters were listless and undeveloped, and I couldn't care less what happened to them.
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    I'll be brief and to the point with my review. The first half hour of this movie is well designed, and actually works. I rent many low budget horror films from my local video store, most are cheesy, campy, or just trash. I expected no more than that from this movie, but after the first few minutes I was kinda surprised at how well it was made. I didn't even mind the obvious digital effects, because the story was allowing me to suspend disbelief, and the acting was above average for a movie of this kind. The problem is after the first half hour everything had been said. The movie began to repeat itself over and over, and the tension that was built within the first half hour just sat there. It didn't continue to build mind you, IT JUST SAT THERE. Overall I'll give this film 6 out of 10 for at least trying to be more than a blood, guts and breast film. And just so you know, there is only blood in this film neither of the latter, which is, to a degree, refreshing.