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Creditors (2015) HD online

Creditors (2015) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Drama / Romance
Original Title: Creditors
Director: Ben Cura
Writers: Ben Cura,August Strindberg
Released: 2015
Budget: $230,000
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
Actor Ben Cura's directorial debut "Creditors", based on August Strindberg's 1888 play, is a modern re-telling of Strindberg's story of love, betrayal, revenge and psychological manipulation, a "sometimes angry and surprising film that brings with it strong performances from the entire cast", "what a Terrence Malick film would look like in black and white", "an intelligent thought-provoking film which questions gender roles, female sexuality and male anxieties" and "an incisive and accomplished piece of filmmaking [...] possessing a rich, powerful psychology that instills an unnerving modern-day relevance to age-old material" - Grant Pierce arrives from London into Madrid, Spain, hoping to be given the chance to meet his favourite painter, American Freddie Lynch, who is currently staying at a private hotel in an unassuming location outside the city. As Grant steps into the main building of "El Madroño", he finds Lynch a crippled man whom, he soon reveals, has been unable to actually ...


Complete credited cast:
Christian McKay Christian McKay - Grant Pierce
Andrea Deck Andrea Deck - Chloe Fleury
Ben Cura Ben Cura - Freddie Lynch
Tom Bateman Tom Bateman - Michael Redmane
Simon Callow Simon Callow - John Allen
Ania Sowinski Ania Sowinski - Martha Redmane
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
José Luis Almarza Sánchez José Luis Almarza Sánchez - Priest
Clare Almond Clare Almond - Book Launch Party Guest
Kate Austen Kate Austen - Book Launch Party Guest
Raj Awasti Raj Awasti - Book Launch Party Guest
Edie Barlow Edie Barlow - Toddler
Begonia Barroso Begonia Barroso - Auction Party Attendant
Mark Bild Mark Bild - Book Launch Party Guest
Ian Crossley Ian Crossley - Book Launch Party Guest
Valerie Crossley Valerie Crossley - Book Launch Party Guest

The film is actor Ben Cura's first feature as a director, screenwriter and producer.

The opening scenes of the film featuring Ben Cura and Andrea Deck on a bed share a connection with singer Amy Winehouse and musician Blake Fielder-Civil. The real life couple stayed in the same room where the scenes seen in Creditors (2015) were filmed. This was in Manor House in Osea Island, Essex. Documentary Amy (2015) features footage of the singer and musician spending time together in that same room.

Editor Teresa Font has hidden, in the last ten minutes of the film, a tribute to Szynka, szynka (1992), a film she also edited, echoing the way she dealt with one particular shot in a scene in which Penélope Cruz faints after being given a ring.

A fully funded Kickstarter campaign, achieving its goal in March 2014, followed a first, unsuccessful attempt at raising funds for the film on the popular crowd-funding website in 2013.

The film was initially meant to be shot on Osea Island, England in its entirety. Considerations about film budgeting relocated the shoot to Madrid, Spain.

The choice to shoot the film in black and white was taken by director Ben Cura after the decision to move the bulk of the film's principal photography to Spain.

Actor Samuel West spent a day in a studio recording a prominent voice over part which was initially featured in the film, but was later left on the cutting floor during a final revisit of the final edit.

Many scenes were five to six pages long. The scene in the park with Grant and Freddie was shot in several eight minute long takes with no cuts, even though eventually the decision was made to cut in and out of coverage during the edit.

Tom Bateman was cast as Michael Redmane at the last minute as actor Greg Tannahill was unavailable due to his involvement in The Play that Goes Wrong in the West End which meant the performance dates clashed with the film's shooting dates. He still made a cameo appearance as Epileptic Man in the final film.

The church featured in the final section of the film is the Parroquia San Pablo de la Cruz which is located in Madrid, Spain.

There is a deliberate use of the camera's motion in the film. The camera is on a tripod for anything featuring Grant in a state of control. The camera is hand-held for anything featuring Chloe or anything set in the past/Freddie's memory. The camera displays a mix of both for when the universe around the three characters starts to crumble.

Ben Cura had just turned 25 when principal photography on the film began in September 2013. The film was completed shortly after he turned 26 years old.

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    I saw the stage version of the play and it's not a play for everyone. To be honest Strindberg's stuff is not for everyone so if you're not into that, you'll have that to deal with. But if you're into good plays, and acting, and black and white cinema done properly, this movie ticks all those boxes. Ben Cura was 25 when he shot this, that makes it even more impressive. His performance, and Andrea Deck's, are standouts. I like Christian McKay in it too, and it was nice seeing the great Simon Callow cameo at the beginning of the film. Would like to see it again so looking forward to its release outside of film festivals (saw it in Berlin). Also wouldn't mind getting my hands on the soundtrack if they release it.