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Haus des Geldes Bella ciao (2017– ) HD online

Haus des Geldes Bella ciao (2017– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller
Original Title: Bella ciao
Director: Jesús Colmenar,Alex Rodrigo
Writers: David Barrocal,Javier Gómez Santander
Released: 2017–
Duration: 43min
Video type: TV Episode
The police assault team move through the sewer. The gang carries the money bags to their tunnel. Suarez preps his assault team. Prieto says they can shoot to kill. The money is loaded into beer kegs and a truck .Sergio gives instructions to the inside. Raquel, now trussed to a rafter asks for help, she bites him and kicks him. Sergio still says he loves her. He tells her about the Central Bank just printing and creating money for banks, a liquidity injection. He rips a 50 euro note, he just wants to get away from it all. Angel calls Raquel's phone, Sergio asks her to play along, she says don't answer it as it is being traced. Raquel uses another phone to call Angel. Angel won't tell anyone he has woken up until he talks to her. Raquel asks to be let go so she can go to Angel. She kisses him to show he can trust her. Raquel leaves and drives off.S2 E9 FinaleBerlin comes to the print room and order them to stop, Nairobi wants to get to an even 1 billion. Nairobi tells him Ariana hates ...
Episode cast overview, first billed only:
Úrsula Corberó Úrsula Corberó - Tokio
Itziar Ituño Itziar Ituño - Raquel Murillo
Álvaro Morte Álvaro Morte - El Profesor
Paco Tous Paco Tous - Moscú
Pedro Alonso Pedro Alonso - Berlín
Alba Flores Alba Flores - Nairobi
Miguel Herrán Miguel Herrán - Río
Jaime Lorente Jaime Lorente - Denver
Esther Acebo Esther Acebo - Mónica Gaztambide
Enrique Arce Enrique Arce - Arturo Román
María Pedraza María Pedraza - Alison Parker
Darko Peric Darko Peric - Helsinki
Kiti Mánver Kiti Mánver - Mariví
Juan Fernández Juan Fernández - Coronel Prieto
Anna Gras Anna Gras - Mercedes Colmenar

Nairobi's real name is Agata, which is the same name Denver unknowingly suggested to the be Monica's fake passport name.

Berlin and Professor are brothers

Reviews: [9]

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    Solid finale of the great series. I have concerns about season 2. Just wrap it do not do prison break out of it,
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    I saw the series from Netflix as most of non spanish users and when i entered imdb i was like oh its 15 not 13 whats going on?The truth is that Netflix has the first 9 episoedes from this imdb list.So everyone that watch La Casa De Papel from Netflix can see 6 more 70 minutes episodes or wait until Netflix release the part2 of Season1. Anyway the last episode is a true MASTERPIECE.The whole part 2 is very good. So BIG ATTENTION.Whoever saw Netflix first 13 episodes MUST see the rest 6 its truly amazing.
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    Well in have just seen the last episode of Series2 and like many of the other reviewers applaud them for keeping it every bit as good as the first series. The production values were really high and the drama that unfolded was excellent and delivered at a high tempo. In the end the clever script shone through only eclipsed by the warmth of the acting which you really can't help but route for the "Heisters" ...the secret of a good series for me is you get to care passionately for the actors and this series certainly achieved that goal. The ending itself was superb and kept the viewer on a knifedge through to very end and how great is it to say that the 2nd series matched the first for intrigue and excitement. So highly recommended entertainment and just can't wait for the third installment. It looks as if the Spanish film industry is really going places at present and managing to give some of the Scandi Noir a run for their money. So enjoy
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    It is the first time to a Spanish series , and i admired the production and music. i think it is almost a perfect work. i liked the song Bella Ciao
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    This tv show has everything you need. It's a winning combination: money, guns, mistery and love. Not too much, but just as much as you need. I am really tired of US tv shows because of their obviousness so this came as refreshment.
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    First thing is why netflex put 13E and we find a 15E in IMDB But the real is there is a 19E 2 the last episode was amazing Preformans and screnplay and the song Its was an amazing Tv show Victoria la spainula Gracias
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    Oh gosh, what a cheesy series. Such a shame that so many audiences love this crap. So many gunfights with assault rifles, tons of amo fired, tactic shields, bullet proofs vests, M 60 machine guns - and certainly not BROWNING - and NO ONE, except for a suicide gesture from the person concerned - i don't tell you who - no one is killed, and even wounded.... It's too much like an American Hollywood crap, for silly audiences. I don't even speak about the ending. PLEASE FORGET THIS GARBAGE STUFF!!!!
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    The original one 6 episodes, on Netflix 9 episodes
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    Episode 13 is about average for the series, maybe a notch above the other episodes. Even though there is an important development in the "outside the heist" part of the story, the series could continue in a way that the discovery is not going to change the whole game. As for the "inside the heist", there is just a subplot added that is not too different from the comings and goings of the relationship between hostages and captors. One may even argue episode 12, with the escape, was more climatic.

    There is a limited revelation about the background of the Professor and Berlin that could be a great whetting of our appetites for season 2. The problem is, it makes one previous decision by the Professor even more hard to swallow then it already was. And besides, in a flashback scene, the two solve a crucial impasse between them by... singing a song (the one that gives the title of the episode). That will do it. Remember their previous moment of tension, mid-season? They solved by launching "Plan Valencia", which was not only pointless in itself, but unrelated to the sticking point.

    Another scene between the Professor and an old woman is well executed, and could be thrilling... if we did not know exactly how it would turn out from the beginning.

    We are left with a craving for season 2, as we should, but not because the season finale gave us so much, but because the series has a lot more to give, and I trust it will!