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The Stronger Call (1913) HD online

The Stronger Call (1913) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Western
Original Title: The Stronger Call
Director: St. Loup Wintrebert
Writers: St. Loup Wintrebert
Released: 1913
Video type: Movie
The Western town of Alden has been disturbed by tales of a famous bandit, "Red Pete" who has been operating in the neighborhood. The sheriff receives $10,000 from the bank of the next town which must be taken to the Junction that night. Bob Ferris, who is in love with the sheriff's daughter, is detailed to take the money to the Junction. On his way, Bob finds that his gun has mysteriously been filled with blank cartridges, so he stops at a shop in the village and puts in real bullets. He sees a man following him, and from his general aspect he knows him to be "Red Pete." As the bandit comes up, Bob kills him. As he stoops over him and removes the mask, he discovers to his horror that "Red Pete" is no other than Grace's father, the sheriff. The body is brought back to town and Bob receives the reward, but Grace filled with grief at her father's disgrace and death, refuses to speak to him. A year later, however, they meet at her father's grave and her enmity is forgotten as she stops ...
Cast overview:
St. Loup Wintrebert St. Loup Wintrebert - The Sheriff / Red Pete (dual role)

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    A very good film story, in which the sheriff gives Jack a gun filled with blank cartridges, intending to rob him while acting as messenger. Jack shoots at a moose (the scene being nicely shown in Bronx Park) and discovers the cartridges are blanks. As a result of this discovery he later kills the sheriff, thinking him an outlaw. The daughter is horrified when she learns the truth, but later goes to her lover. A good release. - The Moving Picture World, April 12, 1913