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Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes (1912) HD online

Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Comedy / Romance / Short
Original Title: Her Forgotten Dancing Shoes
Released: 1912
Video type: Movie
The night of the grand reception and dance finds Belle Oakley in high glee as she leaves for the reception. She arrives at the reception and discovers that she is without her dancing shoes. She announces her loss and immediately all the young men volunteer to go in search of them. Harry Brown, who was not as quick as the others, is left behind and sits dejectedly on the curb while the others drive away. They enter Belle's home and ransack everything. Finally they come to a closet where they discover an assortment of footwear. Each of them seizes a pair. In the meantime, Harry Brown discovers Belle's bag, which she had dropped, containing her dancing shoes; he rushes back into the house, receives Belle's ardent thanks and secures her as a partner for the rest of the evening. When the others come back with the motley assortment of shoes, Belle and Brown laugh at them, and he, placing his arm around Belle's waist, they glide into the mazes of the waltz.
Cast overview:
Lillian Walker Lillian Walker - Belle Oakley - a Maid
James Morrison James Morrison - Harry Brown - the Young Man Who Finds Belle's Dancing Shoes
William Humphrey William Humphrey
Charles Eldridge Charles Eldridge
Flora Finch Flora Finch
William Shea William Shea
Mrs. B.F. Clinton Mrs. B.F. Clinton
Kate Price Kate Price

Released as a split reel along with the documentary Taft and His Cabinet (1912).