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Marie Stuart (1908) HD online

Marie Stuart (1908) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Biography / Drama
Original Title: Marie Stuart
Director: Albert Capellani
Writers: Michel Carré
Released: 1908
Video type: Movie
The principal events in the life of Mary Queen of Scots. She was the daughter of Jacques the Fifth and Mary Guise and married Francis the Second, King of France. After the death of her husband in 1560, Mary Stuart left France and returned to her former home in Scotland, Her father having died in the meantime, she was made Queen. She was barely nineteen years of age, and her youth as well as her great beauty and charm of manners won for her the hearts of the Scots. She was a devout Roman Catholic and when she ascended the throne she found the country in the hands of the Protestants, who gave their young Queen much trouble. At last they revolted and threw her into prison, where, through the assistance of a maid, she escaped to England and asked her cousin Elizabeth for protection, but the latter betrayed her and had her cast into prison, where, through the assistance of a page, she secures a disguise and escapes through a window. Her maid holds the door while she makes good her escape, ...
Cast overview:
Jeanne Delvair Jeanne Delvair
Jacques Grétillat Jacques Grétillat
Henry Krauss Henry Krauss
Paul Capellani Paul Capellani
Véra Sergine Véra Sergine

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    One of the finest productions of the season, staged and acted with the greatest care, and of fine coloring. The best acted scene is the one of the trial, when Mary snubs Queen Elizabeth; both women are grand in their respective parts. The audience was captivated and many will be pleased to see again this splendid film. If the manufacturers could give us more of these historical films they would teach history in a very interesting and effective way and parents would gladly open the purse string to send the children to shows where they can learn something: only let the historical facts be more accurate than in the one just referred to. -- The Moving Picture World, November 28, 1908