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Южный парк Butt Out (1997– ) HD online

Южный парк Butt Out (1997– ) HD online
Language: English
Category: TV Episode / Animation / Comedy
Original Title: Butt Out
Director: Trey Parker
Writers: Trey Parker,Matt Stone
Released: 1997–
Duration: 22min
Video type: TV Episode
Rob Reiner comes to town to lead an anti tobacco crusade after the boys briefly take up smoking.
Episode cast overview:
Trey Parker Trey Parker - Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Mr. Mackey / Randy - Butt-Out Member / Randy Marsh / Rob Reiner / Reiner's Assistant #1 / Mr. Garrison / Bartender / Factory Worker #1 / Factory Worker #2 / Reiner's Assistant #2 / Man with Cupcake (voice)
Matt Stone Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski / Kenny McCormick / Gerald Broflovski / Man Smoking in Bar / Cameron Harris (voice)
Mona Marshall Mona Marshall - Sheila Broflovski (voice)
Eliza Schneider Eliza Schneider - Principal Victoria / Sharon Marsh / Liane Cartman / Receptionist (voice) (as Eliza Jane Schneider)
Pam Brady Pam Brady - Pam - Butt-Out Member (voice)
Vernon Chatman Vernon Chatman - Vernon - Butt-Out Member (voice)
John 'Nancy' Hansen John 'Nancy' Hansen - Mr. Slave (voice) (as John Hansen)
Kyle McCulloch Kyle McCulloch - Kyle - Butt-Out Member (voice)
Isaac Hayes Isaac Hayes - Chef (credit only)

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    Butt Out is another very funny episode of South park.This one spoofs Rob Reiner and his anti-smoking campaign.The boys see this anti-smoking assembly at their school which is very stupid(this is a hilarious scene which will remind everyone of those other stupid school assemblies which try to act cool but fall flat).The thing that gets them is they say "if you d'ont smoke you can be just like us".The next shot shows all the boys smoking cigarettes in back of the school and they accidentally set it on fire.The parents decide to blame tobacco companies and Rob Reiner comes to town to tell people about not smoking.He makes up many lies about the tobacco companies and makes Cartman his poster boy.But Reiner then tries to kill Cartman.Butt Out is a very funny South Park episode!