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Lady of the Lake (1998) HD online

Lady of the Lake (1998) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Horror
Original Title: Lady of the Lake
Director: Maurice Devereaux
Writers: Maurice Devereaux
Released: 1998
Budget: $60,000
Duration: 1h 22min
Video type: Movie
A curse haunts Owl Lake. Legend has it that the lady of the Lake seduces a man and then drowns him to avenge her brutal death.
Credited cast:
Erik Rutherford Erik Rutherford - David Lowry
Tennyson Loeh Tennyson Loeh - Viviane
Emidio Michetti Emidio Michetti - Anthony Vinchenzo
Christopher Piggins Christopher Piggins - Richard the knight
Marty Daniels Marty Daniels - Jake Lowry
Josée Laviolette Josée Laviolette - Debra
Christy Strauss Christy Strauss - The escort
Pierre Dupuis Pierre Dupuis - Matther the Knight
Marc A. Fournelle Marc A. Fournelle - Young David Lowry
Marc Proulx Marc Proulx - Young David Lowry
Donald Caron Donald Caron - Young David Lowry
David Fontaine David Fontaine - Olam the monk
Sylvie Mercier Sylvie Mercier - Aquatic dancer
Christelle Latrasse Christelle Latrasse - Lady of the lake corpse
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Derrick Dean Derrick Dean - Fisherman

Reviews: [10]

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    Rented on a whim.

    Expected very low budget, bad, but hopefully amusing horror film.

    Got very low budget fantasy film, with an unusual and interesting plot, a few surprising performances, an extremely nice looking lead actress, and some underwater shots that will stick in my mind for a long time.

    The lead villain has a classic sneer. He could make a career out of that sneer.

    A catchy main theme song as well.

    The film has some continuity problems, but after seeing the "making of" on the DVD (which is a lot of fun to watch by the way) I totally understand.

    I do wish they had not edited in some gore effects into the movie after all the shooting was done. Fortunately though, the most blatant cases of that seem to be at the very beginning and end of the movie - so they don't interrupt the story and general low-key feel of the film constantly.

    The plot is so interesting, that I assume it was taken from an actual legend somewhere in Canada. If the film-maker came up with it on his own, he needs to be doing something besides slasher films.

    Pretty cool.
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    The director of this movie spent 10 years trying to bring this project to life. His mission was a success. For all the people that enjoy fantasy this is the movie to see. It is as close to a film version of a true fairy tale as you can get.

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    I wanted to like LADY OF THE LAKE but, boy, the movie never gave me a chance from the get go. It's awful from beginning to end. Everything about it feels amateurish: acting, script, direction, etc. The whole thing is inexplicably awful: the dream sequences with the fire made me gag; the execution of the whole concept of hauntings and people going into mirrors, etc. The worst part were the flashback scenes. Now when and where exactly were those flashback supposed to take place? They tried to make it look like medieval England (on the cheap) but the story, or the lake to be more precise, is in Canada. Huh?!?!

    I regretted watching this.
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    happy light

    Good movie. You're very curious in the beginning about what's going on. The end is a bit predictable and I got confused because of the quick change of scenery and the special effects could have been better, but it was a nice movie to see.
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    I remember this movie from when I was younger and have actively sought it out. I only recently managed to get ahold of it again. It has a rather unique and memorable storyline that is a good mixture of romance, fantasy and horror. It has some lovely aesthetics and some unsavory ones. All in all though it still held my attention and I loved it just as much now as I did then. Its definitely a take it or leave it kind of film though. You'll either love it or hate it and it is rather low budget so you aren't going to get anything spectacular in that department.
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    I may be not too objective in my comments about this movie since I know the Director personally, but I can assure you that I've seen lots of much more expensive productions with no plot or acting at all, and (compare to them) "Lady" is a really interesting horror with excellent soundtrack, where action really flows smooth for most of the time. If it only would have so much hype created on the net as that dumbest-quasihorror-ever had (you know what title I mean)...
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    This has to be one of the worst movies that has ever been made in the history of film, even worse than "Motel Hell". The acting is horrible, the dialogue is horrible, and the special effects are horrible (actually, the cheesiness of the special effects is the only good thing about this movie.) Do not rent this movie, do not watch it on PPV, wait for it to come on regular cable some late, late Saturday night when your having trouble sleeping. I guarantee you that this movie will knock you into that deep sleep that you will be wishing for while watching it. Oh yes, and please pray that there aren't sequels to this movie, cause if there is, you'll know that it's the end of the world.
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    This is a great movie. I didn't know what to expect when I first rented it but, I was not disappointed! More suspense & drama than horror to me but, it was a great movie that kept your attention. Of course a beautiful staying naked will always keep my attention. But, it was seriously a good movie!
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    A good film with quite a bit of pointless sex in the first half, and not enough action. The end, however, picks up with some blood, including a decapitation, a sword through the eye, etc. The effects are good considering someone probably paid for them with a credit card (and the limit on the card seemed to be $20). Available pretty much only at Blockbuster. Be sure to also check out Fangoria's other film release, I, ZOMBIE.
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    This movie's only saving grace is at least you get to see a hot redhead naked and the excessive way beyond the call of duty overacting by Christopher Piggins is actually comical even when he's being serious.

    The plot is very simplistic as it borrows from Ghost Story (a much better film) with a Rennissance fair made real to boot.The script is just well plain and boring.

    The special effects show off the budget. If not for the nudity you might see this on MST3K or as a Sci-Fi channel late night movie .I was lucky in a sense because i worked as an assistant manager in a video rental store when this came out and got to see this for free but somehow i still feel like i paid.