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One Simple Idea (2016) HD online

One Simple Idea (2016) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Crime / Drama
Original Title: One Simple Idea
Director: Dionisis Kotoulas,Konstantinos Pappas
Writers: Pappas Konstantinos,Dionisis Kotoulas
Released: 2016
Budget: €2,000
Video type: Movie
Two friends loan money from a loan shark. Those money were stolen and they try to find a solution to their problem.
Cast overview:
Dionisis Kotoulas Dionisis Kotoulas - Themis Ekonomou
Pappas Konstantinos Pappas Konstantinos - Kiriakos
Karadimou Maria Karadimou Maria - Nefeli
Karafoulidis Euaggelos Karafoulidis Euaggelos - Kostis
Goutzas Asterios Goutzas Asterios - Loan Shark
Vafidis Aleksandros Vafidis Aleksandros - Spiros
Peitzikas Leuteris Peitzikas Leuteris - Thanasis
Katsaras Giannis Katsaras Giannis - Giorgos
Sotiriadis Xaris Sotiriadis Xaris - Gun Dealer
Misailidou Maria Misailidou Maria - Spiros's Girlfriend
Keramidiotou Niki Keramidiotou Niki - Secretary
Grammenopoulou Sissy Grammenopoulou Sissy - Costumer