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The Homecoming (1912) HD online

The Homecoming (1912) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Short / Drama
Original Title: The Homecoming
Released: 1912
Duration: 10min
Video type: Movie
A prologue sets forth how Langdon, junior member of a brokerage firm, shifts the blame of a criminal offense onto the shoulders of the senior partner, Tilford. Tilford is found guilty and sentenced to a ten year term. The treachery of the junior partner fills Tilford with a deep-rooted hatred. He refuses to see his wife when she comes to ask his permission to the marriage of Langdon to their daughter. He tears up his mail unread. Thus he never knows that the man who was responsible for his disgrace and his deprived liberty finally married his own daughter and that a child was born to them. The sentence expires and he is released, being given the customary suit of clothes and sum of money. With the money he buys a revolver, then writes Langdon a letter warning that he is coming to kill him. Langdon is fear stricken when he reads it. Just then his wife and daughter chance to enter the office and Mrs. Langdon, noting his pallor and nervousness, persuades him to step out to see a doctor. ...
Cast overview:
Robert Vaughn Robert Vaughn - Mr. Tilford
Robert Frazer Robert Frazer - Mr. Langdon
Mathilde Baring Mathilde Baring - Mrs. Tilford
Clara Horton Clara Horton - Little Miss Langdon
Clara Goodday Clara Goodday - Miss Tilford
Jay Reid Jay Reid - First Detective
Eugene Kelly Eugene Kelly - Second Detective

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    This well presented drama of love, sorrow and vengeance throws into the limelight the characters of two men, Tilford and Langdon, the latter suffering for a crime of the former and vowing revenge for the injustice dealt him. After serving ten years in prison opportunity comes for vengeance. But, meanwhile, Langdon has married Tilford's daughter and their child, a girl of five, prevents the tragedy. The scene in which this occurs will command attention, and while the theme is not altogether new it has many novel turns to recommend it. The photography is praiseworthy. - The Moving Picture World, November 2, 1912