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Language: English
Category: TV Series / Drama
Original Title: Divorce Court
Budget: $10,000
Duration: 30min
Video type: TV Series
An early successor to "The People's Court" (1981) and precursor to later 'reality-based' shock-TV shows. Actors portraying litigants in divorce proceedings presented their stories to a judge who gave his judgement based on the merits of the case. Accusations of infidelity, dishonesty, incompetence and insanity were frequent.
Series cast summary:
William B. Keene William B. Keene - Judge William B. Keene 6 episodes, 1987-1990
Marcy Shaffer Marcy Shaffer - Lawyer 6 episodes, 1985-1988
Jim Peck Jim Peck - Court Reporter 4 episodes, 1987-1988
Kelly McCracken Kelly McCracken - D.A. Steven Coen 4 episodes, 1986-1988
Jack Forbes Jack Forbes - Attorney for Mr. Tucker / - 2 episodes, 1986-1989
Jorga Caye Jorga Caye - Court patron / - 2 episodes, 1984-1990
Elliot Berk Elliot Berk - Sam Cates / - 2 episodes, 1984-1989
Joie Magidow Joie Magidow - Missionary / - 2 episodes, 1986-1990
Dan Roth Dan Roth - Bernard Lynch / - 2 episodes, 1986-1987
Layla Bias Galloway Layla Bias Galloway - Defendant 2 episodes, 1986
Karen LaVoie Karen LaVoie - Mrs. Wilde / - 2 episodes, 1990

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    Oh, man, I haven't thought of this one in years. When court shows were court shows. Not like today's version of this show, and the innumerable "People's Court" imitations of half-brained geeks standing behind podiums to some sassy judge. This was a dramatization of an actual case with the biggest belly laugh inducing actors carrying it all out and the whispering Jim Peck crouching behind the partition detailing the obvious. Real life judge William Keene watched over everything with some of the funniest facial reactions ever. I used to watch this everyday after school in 6th grade, cackling at all the dopey adult content. "Hadn't he found you and a co-worker on a copy machine, removing her blouse and bra?!" "Didn't he hear you say, 'Pluve pluvo moseire', faster, harder my dear!'?" We were watching a female leapord give birth and that's all!" Hopefully someday Court TV might by the rights to this (wherever they may be) and air this in the middle of the nights.
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    I have many fond memories of this show. Every show was a dramatization of a divorce case. The wife and husband and a witness on their behalf would testify. This show was good for a lot of laughs because these people weren't the best actors in the world, but it was all in fun. I figure a lot of real-life divorces are like this. A footnote, the Judge on this show was a real life Judge, William Keene presided at the preliminary hearing for the Manson trial and the William Bonin freeway killer trial. I write to celebrities as a hobby and he was kind enough to reply to me. I asked him about the OJ trial and he said it would have been handled differently if it had been in his courtroom!