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Ren gui she hu da jue dou (1978) HD online

Ren gui she hu da jue dou (1978) HD online
Language: English
Category: Movie / Action / Drama
Original Title: Ren gui she hu da jue dou
Director: Wah Man
Writers: Wah Man
Released: 1978
Duration: 1h 30min
Video type: Movie
Master Wong and his daughter Wong Koo must get help from the mysterious wanderer Yuk-long when The snake god Choy Ching Sing wants to force Wong Koo to marry him.
Credited cast:
Carter Wong Carter Wong - Yuk-long
Lik Cheung Lik Cheung - Choy Ching Sing (as Cheung Li)
Ya Ying Liu Ya Ying Liu - Snake girl
Lily Han Lily Han - Won Ku
Mu-Seong Kwak Mu-Seong Kwak - Snake man (as Wu-hsing Kuo)
Pei-Shan Chang Pei-Shan Chang - Heaven General
Man Hua Lin Man Hua Lin - Master Wong
Moh Wun Hsia Moh Wun Hsia
Chong Wai Chong Wai - Assassin
Dan Fan Dan Fan - Kim
Yat Fan Lau Yat Fan Lau - Master of Snake clan (as Yi Fan Liu)
Hsueh-Ming Liao Hsueh-Ming Liao - Rascal
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Hsi Chang Hsi Chang
Hsuan-chu Chin Hsuan-chu Chin
Wei Chuang Wei Chuang

Reviews: [3]

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    Well... the martial arts are stiff and slow, with little to no kicking (Carter Wong flails around in a ham-fisted way), the editing is terrible, Wong's acting is shambolic (he looks constipated and has some bizarre facial expressions) and the characters are ciphers.

    But, then what do you expect? It's low-budget kung fu. Is that any excuse? Well... the film does have some charms. It starts out as Carter Wong's good-guy wanderer happening upon some girl being attacked and steps into help her. All very dull, but then it turns into a spooky supernatural genre flick. The girl is actually a fox spirit being pursued by a cobra spirit in human form.

    A sub plot includes a ghost asking Wong for help to avenge her - and this is done quite well considering how cheap the film undoubtedly is. The ghost looks like Samara from the Ringu film (no doubt an archetype of ghosts in Asia - a woman in a white robe with long black hair covering her face) and the use of lighting, wind machines and sliding her along makes her appearances quite effective.

    The sequence where the cobra spirit turns into a cobra is bizarre and rubbish (a series of shots of the actor in snake-style makeup with fangs and then a crude cut to a real cobra) but is very amusing. Special mention must be made to the master at the temple, who for some reason has long, pinkish purple hair.

    Carter Wong also confronts the big boss with 'Did you rape and murder a woman?' Boss grins and says 'Yes!... I mean, no it wasn't me!'. Eh?? Why would he just say 'yes'??? So, as a martial arts film it fails, but if you want a chuckle at some crude supernatural stuff (including a scene where the fox spirit uses mind control magic on a baddie to attack his friends then strangle himself) then it might be worth a peek.
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    A man rudely refuses an offer to marry off his daughter. She practices her acrobatic kung fu skills. The would-be groom arrives with the marriage palanquin. A fight starts and Carter Wong happens by and helps the girl but is injured. She takes him home, heals him and wants to marry him. Carter is reluctant and tries to leave. Magic is involved and he ends up back at her place.

    At about 37 minutes when the ghost presented herself I found my fingers reaching for the "fast forward" button. The attempt to mix magic and martial arts failed completely. The fights were run of the mill same thing over and over.

    I rate this movie a two out of ten and cannot recommend it to any fan.
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    WARNING SPOILERS!!!! I saw killer of snake after i bought classic martial arts DVD box 50 pack. The movie is a little bit ridiculous, but i still like this old school martial art films. This is a strange and old martial art / fantasy movie. We see weird fox and snake people, ghosts and magicians, but the fight scenes are pretty good and the movie is pretty good filmed. We see Carter Wong in the lead role. If you like martial art films then you should see this, I ALSO recommend story of Ricky , ninja death, ninja in dragons den, shadow ninja and city ninja, street fighter films and enter the dragon. The grade will be 6/10.